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    Humungoid bat ears

    Just a quick question- are completely erect ears considered normal for a purebred APBT?? I've seen a few others post pix of their 'purebred' (I hate that word, without *legit* papers any dog is technically a mutt at best) ABPT's and some have completely erect ears.
    I always $#@!umed Xelda was for sure mixed with something else and her having massive ears just made me think she's really a heinz 57 that maybe had some APBT or staffy somewhere along the line... but if ears like that are normal she might just be your average "pit bull" BYB throwaway.. =S She was a rescue from the streets of Chicago, so who knows for sure but unless I cave and get one of those shady DNA tests I might never know, haha. I mean I have pix everywhere of her, she definitely looks like a *mix*, right?
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    are completely erect ears considered normal for a purebred APBT??
    Yes, purebred APBTs can have erect ears though it is not something that is preferred, it is common and does not effect the working ability/ performance of the dog. Many who have dogs with ears that are less than perfect will crop them. Personally it doesn't matter to me. It is one of my pet peeves that less than perfect ears are even a minor issue in UKC at all.

    For showing purposes, a dog that has Prick or flat, wide ears is a minor fault in UKC. Thus not a desired trait in that registry. However it also will not keep a an otherwise good dog from getting their title it is just a minor thing
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    From my experience. Alot of the apbt's that i see from pictures on these forums originally would have bat ears. But people CROP them or TAPE THEM. I bet if they did not crop or tape em, they would have bat ears..... So id say its normal, alot of people crop or tape the ears that show them. So those pits that have "perfect ears" in dog shows. most of the time, their ears were altered in a way...

    Rex has bat ears and he is a full blooded american pit bull terrier.(with papers/parents have papers / pedigree and everything..)

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    Wow- I really didn't know that. Learn something new every day! Now I don't know what she looks mixed with, haha.

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    Tess can have bat ears at times. lol.

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    Lilo has bat ears and she had papers. (my sister has them and I never really cared enough to get them) I've seen quite a few American pit bull terriers with bat ears. It's a fault in the showring- however, I find it quite attractive. So, I personally, wouldn't crop or dock a bat-eared pit bull. :)

    EDIT: Though, I have thought about Lilo's breeding... and, though the breeders had papers- I think they were BYB's... so, they could've had an oops litter with a bull terrier or something and lied on the papers. I used to think that- until I started seeing bat eared pit bulls. ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xelda13 View Post
    Wow- I really didn't know that. Learn something new every day! Now I don't know what she looks mixed with, haha.
    Well i dont know for a fact that most pits have those bat eats lol. But im just saying.. from my own experience.. most of the pits that i have seen/looked at PERSONALLY, are like that. so yea :)

  8. I love looking at the pictures. My girl Olive has identical ears to Rex. He's is just too much of a cutey. Olive is a pit bull/boxer mix. She has the boxer body but the head is all pit bull. Personally I can't bear the idea of cropping. It just seems like a painful unnecessary procedure. I can understand (maybe) cropping the tail as we get whipped with Olive's tail all the time, but we just learn to get out of the way.

  9. my dog Nibs had bat ears,she was an APBT x SBT cross,so did her mom(SBT) People used to ask if she was part dingo

  10. Quote Originally Posted by cher_bear View Post
    my dog Nibs had bat ears,she was an APBT x SBT cross,so did her mom(SBT) People used to ask if she was part dingo
    That is funny, because our friend whom were got Tess from, he always said that he thought Tess' Sire might have some dingo, which wouldn't be impossible here. They are called Carolina dogs, whether they do or not. We aren't sure.

  11. I thought my pit was mixed, but my buddy who breeds pitbulls said I have nothing to worry about. He's just a "Bat Eared" pit

  12. Pablo at 4months

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    bro, why bring back a thread that had been deceased for six years... just make a new thread...

  14. I'm new to this app, still finding my way through

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    check dates..

  16. Will do, thanx

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    btw. pretty dog how old and whats his background. you can pm me if want so we can let this thread die..

  18. 4 1/2 months old, mixed with Gator & Gotti

  19. Dad-blue Mom-white

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