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    red eye

    hey hows it going everybody its me again....i got a quick question for u. Its been about a month already and i noticed that when i take my dog around alot of people my dogs eyes and around his eyes gets really red. But when he gets home or when i take him for walks his eyes are back to normal color...they are not red at all. It seems that when he is around alot of people he gets really excited and his eyes starts turning red...but about 45 min to an hour later his eyes are not as red anymore. Do you know whts wrong with him. Is he allergic to something or should i not worry at all. Also recently his upper eye lash started getting a little bump and it became bigger and it looked like it was filled with blood...and yesturday it was can of swollen. It look like he ran into something hard or something. But when i woke up this morning i noticed that his upper i lash it can of pooped and there was a little dry blood, the swollen has came down a little. but there is still some there. it still looks like there is blood in it. Do you know wht it could possibly be? pleas get back to me as soon as possible,
    thanks max

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    His skin, including the skin around his eyes, it turning red from increased blood flow, caused by the excitement. If you feel him when he looks like this, he'll probably be hot to the touch, too.

    As far as the bump, just keep an eye on it...could be just an infected hair follicle or ingrown eyelash. If it gets worse or starts causing him pain, get him to a vet to have it looked at.

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    Ruger goes as far as to get HIVES when he gets that excited! Getting red eyes from excitement is perfectly normal :)

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    even my baby girl gets red eyes when excited .the bump sounds like a sty to me as you no if it gets bad see a vet but intell then you can try heat -warm wash cloth a cuppal times a day and keep it clean

  5. my dog does the same thing

  6. Dooley gets red eyes and hot to the touch often and he is 8 1/2 months.

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