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    Home remedies for Hives

    Duke started to develop hives last night.. We searched online and found some remedies.

    • Cold bath
    • Oatmeal bath
    • Antihistamine
    Dukes hives went down but thought this might be a good reference thread, for hives or any other illnesses dogs may commonly get.

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    man where were u last week my dog named duke had some crazy hives i started a thread and posted the flicks on there i didnt know what to do and it was so bad i took him to the vet they gave him 2 shots 1 was steroids to make the hives go away and the other was benadryl. what did ur duke get hives from mine was an insect bite

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    We are thinking insect bite as well but not sure...

  4. what i used for hives for my dog is bragg apple cider vinegar. because the benedryl wasn't working anymore and the vets pills weren't working either.

  5. What do you do with the vinegar? Bathe them with it?

  6. you give them a teaspoon or two in their food it depends on how much they weigh. i looked on the internet and googled apple cider vinegar for pets allergies and you should find some information. but it has to be the raw unfiltered kind or else it doesn't work they should explain that on the internet.

  7. How bad were her hives? My pit has recently had two severe cases, both of which I took her to the vet and administered a cortisone shot. The first time the vet told me to just give her 2 Benedryl three times a day. That didn't help and when she had her second large outbreak I took her to another vet and they gave her RX antihistamines. They really aren't helping either. I don't know what is causing them. What caused your dogs?

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    A bit OT because this is not a home remedy; but...

    My dog started with hives summer 2007 when she was 1 year old. This past summer (2008) was awful! 2 - 3 cortisone shots, prednisone, antibiotics for 6 weeks straight + benadryl. Hives that would not go away. We had her allergy tested and she is now getting allergy injections.

    They say the shots take 6 to 9 months to know if they will be effective. Veronica has never had hives this time of year, so we will know come summer whether or not the shots are helping.

  9. I have both pitties with hives I changed foods I will try benedryl and feed them homemade supper let you know how it goes

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    wow now this is an OLD THREAD...anyhow, hope it works for ya

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