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    Outside dogs during winter

    I thought this would make an interesting discussion.

    What do you do to prepare your dogs for the winter? What type of bedding do you use? Any certain dog house you prefer to use? Do you increase food? Add anything to the food? What other things do you do to keep the dogs warm during the winter?

    Please state your location to give an idea of who does what in different parts of the country.

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    This is a good one.

    Personally my dogs are inside dogs. I see no purpose in having a dog, and then leaving him/her outside all the time.

    My neighbors have a husky/boxer male outside all the time, which to me is not good (poor boy), and now they have gotten an APBT female, and she is out with him.... last night it was 21 degrees, her hair is not enough for this, and I am VERY concerned about her. The people are nice, but have no clue, and are the type to become offended if I tell them what they should do.

    They had a dog house made of wood, which in the last few weeks the dogs have torn apart. I noticed 2 days ago the dogs had dug "pits" in the yard... right against the house that they can fit their whole body in (I guess to block from the wind). At least if the owners are idiots the dogs are trying not to be.

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    Sophie is an indoor dog and hates the cold. We have blankets all over the house for her to nussel in and get warm. Sometimes it is so cold she wont even got out side. I have to make her or bundle myself up and go with her. I hate that. We don't really change her food. Though in the dead of winter we cut back a little on her intake because she gets less exersize. I hate seeing dogs left out side in the cold. it breaks my heart. Especially the short haired dogs!
    P.S. Chicago IL

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    i'll probably cut my dogs food back a bit.
    we're both not fans of out in the cold. he will refuse with great will if its too cold. lol

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    In the corn
    Check this out - only $399.00!!
    I've never seen anything like it!

    Self Heated and Cooled Dog Houses

    21st Century Eco-Friendly Dog House

    Heated and Cooled with GeoThermal Energy

    The patented design of this unique dog house takes advantage of the Earth's own natural temperature control system. The indestructable shell is partially buried to create not only a natural den habitat preferred by dogs, but is also then cooled in the Summer and heated in the Winter naturally.

    <CENTER><EMBED src= width=425 height=350 type=application/x-shockwave-flash> </EMBED></CENTER>


    No Electricity
    Self Heated
    Self Cooled
    Integrated Non-tangle tie out
    No $#@!embly
    Life Time Guarantee
    Eco-Friendly 20% recycled material
    Made in the U.S.A.

    -2 F outside, 48 F inside. 105 F outside, 72 F inside using zero electricity. Take advantage of the unique tangle free tie-out.
    Dog's naturally prefer to live in a den. Giving them a den stops a dog's desire to dig in your yard.

    I'll be back later with my reply. . .
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    I keep my dog inside, but a dog igloo, and straw makes a winter weather shelter.

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    Nothing really. I just add a few more blankets to his crate. His crate is in the corner of my room and on the side of my heater which is at 65 degree's when i am not home and 70 degree's when i am home. so yea.

    and wow Dtwo, that thinks cool

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    That dog house is really neat... it looks to be all in one piece though, how you gonna clean it out, dig it up every time?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How do I install my DogEden?
    A. Follow these steps:
    <TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD>Step 1: Look around the yard for a level or slightly raised spot. Stay away from low lying areas or dips. </TD></TR><TR><TD>Step 2: If you live north of the equator, face the DogEden opening toward the South because most of your bad weather will come from the North. Do the opposite if you live south of the equator: Face the DogEden toward the North. </TD></TR><TR><TD>Step 3: Place the DogEden in your selected location. Then, take a spade or shovel scoring the turf or dirt outlining the hole where the DogEden will eventually sit. Move the DogEden to the side. </TD></TR><TR><TD>Step 4: If there is sod, remove the sod from the place marked in Step 3. </TD></TR><TR><TD>Step 5: Dig a rectangular hole approximately 18 inches deep in the space marked in Step 3. Place the dirt on a tarp for easy removal later. </TD></TR><TR><TD>Step 6: Place the DogEden in the hold. The entrance should be approximately in inch above the surface of the ground. If not, remove the DogEden and adjust the hole depth. </TD></TR><TR><TD>Step 7: When the DogEden is seated correctly, fill in any space on the side with dirt removed in Step 5. Tamp the dirt firmly and level the dirt around the entrance to the DogEden.</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    Q. What tools do I need to install my DogEden?
    A. A round-nosed shovel or spade.
    Q. What kind of bedding should I use in my DogEden?
    A. We recommend cedar chips. They naturally repel fleas and ticks.
    Q. How do I clean my DogEden?
    A. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth periodically. Clean the interior with a shop-vac. Then wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals as they are harmful to your dog.
    Q. Should I use a chain or rubber coated cable as a tie out?
    A. Both work fine but we recommend the rubber or plastic coated cable as it makes no noise as your dog enters or leaves the DogEden.
    Q. What if my DogEden becomes flooded?
    A. Under normal weather circumstances the DogEden should not flood if properly installed. If it fills with water, use a shop-vac equipped for water removal to empty your DogEden.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Marty View Post
    That dog house is really neat... it looks to be all in one piece though, how you gonna clean it out, dig it up every time?
    I was thinking the same thing. Unless you take a vacuum cleaner hose and stick it in the house to clean....

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    Mollie is inside, but the other 5.... I get cedar shavings to put in the dog houses, but they come inside at night when it gets down to 30 degrees. They go out late in the mornings once it warms up some. The also come in during the summer when it gets above 90 degrees. Everyone is crated up except Maxx, my old guy, and he is cornered off in the back living room. Not that he ever tries to get past that room, he's content to just be inside. But wintertime, they just have lots of cedar shavings in their dog houses.

    Good question Marty... I know Titus would have his trashed out in no time!! He's a horrible house keeper! :p

  11. For the pups, we add some extra cedar shavings, and we get a food with higher protein to try to fatten them up a little bit, but not a whole bunch. I, also, add hot water to their food. I figure when my body is cold and I drink tea it helps, so, I'm hoping it has the same effect. We fed at night as well, in hopes that the food can help keep them warmer at night. They have plastic barrel dog houses, but they are all off the ground.

    Not much I have to do with Cuddles, cold weather is her favorite weather. I couldn't get her in her dog house, if I wanted. lol.

    Located: Western, NC

    That is awesome, Dtwo. I wish I had the money for it. lol. Do you think a chain would get hung up on there? I'd hate for my dog to hang itself going into its house.
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    Oh, I forgot! I also feed at night, year round. But I add extra kibble to each bowl, and mix in hot water so they have a warm meal. In the summer, I reduce the kibble because they don't eat as much in the summer.

    Oh, and I'm in Tennesse... so it doesn't get too bad here, cold, but not inches or feet of snow. We got 5-6 inches last year (only once) and it was gone by 10am the next morning. :(

  13. Quote Originally Posted by CoolHandJean View Post
    Do you think a chain would get hung up on there? I'd hate for my dog to hang itself going into its house.
    Nevermind. I watched the video.

    I wonder if my dogs would even go in there. I'd hope so, if I paid that price.

  14. Michele was right I edited my post, I went to the site and found the FAQ and that's what it said use a shop-vac, as for the outside dogs 3" to 4" of ceder shaving and as much Bermuda hay as I can stuff in the houses, feed morning and night to help them stay warm... Ga here

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    What a face!!! That baby wants to come inside and get under the covers!! :D

  16. JC - inside dog - New York

  17. Marty: that dog looks toasty in there:D

    You mentioned Bermuda Hay? Is there a difference in the hay itself that you would use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michele View Post
    JC - inside dog - New York

    thats a nice bed

  19. Jelet: Thanks. That's JC's bed:D

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Mollie's Nana View Post
    What a face!!! That baby wants to come inside and get under the covers!! :D
    You don't know that 4 yr old baby... I wouldn't have a house left LOL
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