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    Pitbull Hoodies/jackets??

    Any1 Know Any Good Sites Were I Can Buy Some Hoodies Or Jackets To Keep My Dog Warm When We Go Out Cuz He Doesnt Really Like The Cold And It Gets Cold Up Here In Chicago..i Have Seen The Ones At The Pet Stores But They Aint For Me..the Only Kinds I Like Have Sport Teams On There And Im Not Really In To Sports..thanks Alot

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    I went to let my pup in today and he was just looking in the door shivering. I thought about getting him a jacket or something also.

    go get a childs hoodie or something just for when he goes outside. ? make sure its not tight where it limits his movement.
    I don't see any reason why that wouldn't be ok. but i'm sure someone will have a reason for us.

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    yea thats what i thought of doing a lil kids hoody.. but i was looking for web sites and i didnt find much..but i see alot of people dress up their dog so i was wonder were the got it from or if they know any sites.

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    I got Bunch's coat and hoodie here:

    Good prices and I'm happy with the quality.

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    I use an old vest that I don't ware anymore but fits Sophie perfectly. She loves it. I tryed a hoodie but it restricted her arems to much and she didn't like it. The vest is long enough that it covers her whole body.
    Good Luck
    I HATE COLD WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i found a hoodie for my dog on they have alot of dog clothes and some at good prices. just type in dog sweatshirts or hoodies and something should pop up.

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    I got Indy's winter vest off of

    Also Old Navy sells some winter coats and hoodies for dogs as well.

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    I got Loki's off Ebay. It's dark blue with an American flag patch on the sides.

  10. Old navy has some awesome doggie clothing!

  11. I would like to get Notch and Tess some camo sweatshirts lol. Tess a pink one and Notch a green one, but don't want to spend the money. lol.

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    You can try
    They are pretty cost effective and have a pretty good variety.

  13. Places like Agway usually have a great selection of nicely made coats and fleeces. The prices are really good too.

  14. I buy at petedge also. Nice selection

  15. My baby girl won't go outside in cold weather without some sort of insulation. She has many coats but this one is for really cold excursions. I don't purchase canine wear, as the selection and fit is very limited. Childrens outer wear is ideal. I found a seamstress that will make just about any modification needed for less than $10, i.e velcro, zippers, seam adjustment.

  16. hello, eveybody ... :)
    A lot of doggy designs i found at
    You can easely design your own tees, caps, ... even doggie tees !!!
    next summer is coming for sure :D
    Check it out: cool tees for men, women and kids

    Go to:

    choose "DESIGNER" on the navigation on the left side.
    (the tee-designer is loading)
    Now switch to "PRODUCTS" on the tab menu above the designs.
    Use the drop down menu to select "ACCESSORIES".
    Another drop down menu appears, choose "DOGGIE TEES".
    Choose your product.
    Now switch to "DESIGNS" on the tab menu above the products.
    Now move forward to page 6 / 7 (end of the listing).
    Select a design by clicking on it !
    Have fun ... hope you like it !


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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowwolf View Post
    Old navy has some awesome doggie clothing!

    Yup! I agree, that's where I get Jinx's jackets & coats, Shadow doesn't really care for coats, he likes the cold weather :confused:

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    Try eBay!!

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    Howie has one similar to this.

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    i got vitos at lands end for 25$ i think

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