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    please help bumps all over my dogs body

    hey everybody its me again...yesterday i finished getting my 4 1/2 month old dog all his shot. Today i decided to take him out for a walk for the first time. he was walking fine, he was looking around being very curious of his surroundings. we walked for about 30 mins and i so i decided to take a break. i sat down and i gave my dog some water and layed down on the concret for a little bit. after the rest we took we started walking home. when we got home i started to feed him. when i was feeding him i notice he had a bump on his side. he went to lay down and i notice there were more and more bumps started to show. he started to ich here and there. i gave him a pill of benadryl and another pill about 8 hours after. most of his bumps went down...he still has a little tho like 2 or 3. i was wondering y he started to get bumps...was it because i walked him or was it because he was laying down on the concrete. if i take him out again will he get bumps all over again...please help

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    It sounds like an allergic reaction to something ... just no way to tell via the internet what it might be.

    Since he just completed getting his shots, have you checked with your vet?

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    Mollie will get huge whelps all over her if she lays in the gr$#@!. So it could be an allergy, and if the bumps went away after the Benadryl, then I think that leads more to it being an allergic reaction to something. I would try a walk in a couple of days, do the same thing, and see if you have the same outbreak. Please let us know what happens. :)

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    The same thing happened to Roscoe this summer when he decided to sunbathe in my mom's backyard. It happened again when I took him to the park for a long day. The bumps went away with Benedryl, and the vet said it was an allergic reaction...probably to the sun.

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    Benedryl is a very safe and common antihistamine for allergies. The dosage is 1-2mg per pound. My 60pd dog gets 3 25mg benedryl tablets 2 times a day. He has environmental allergies.

    I would take your dog to the Vet. Dogs can have allergic reactions to Vaccines, contact, and inhalent.

  6. my dog sumi would get bumps when she was younger and i would give her benedryl and they went away. but recently the benedryl wasn't working and her whole body was covered in bumps. i took her to the vet and they said she has allergic reaction so they gave me two medications. and she finished her medication but her bumps were still there. so i looked on the internet to try and find something that would help. and i found apple cider vinegar works on allergic reactions. so i gave her 2 tsp. once a day with her food and two weeks later the bumps were gone. and i stopped giving her the apple cider vinegar and the bumps haven't came back. i think you should try that and its good because its a natural way to heal your dog. i recomend bragg brand. the purest most natural organic apple cider vinegar works best, because its less processed. and you have to give the right amount for your dogs body weight. i gave 2 tsp. for an 80lb dog.

  7. That is interesting, Espi - Apple Cider vinegar for allergies.... Do you still have the link?

    On my cat I am using "Missing Link Product" - works well and got him off the pills and injections. They also make it for dogs. I have to give EVERY day though and it took about 8 weeks to kick in. Before, I saw the vet numerous times and there was nothing, they could do but give him Prednisolone. But it is definately important to see the vet and get a diagnosis.

  8. i cant remember the exact link but if you type in apple cider vinegar for pets allergies or something along those lines on google something should come up. but yeah it seems to work wonders on alot of things even for people. but only the raw unfiltered organic stuff.

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