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  1. North Carolina Pit Rescue- in need

    North Carolina Pit Rescue is in need of leashes, collars, food, toys ect. We will accept donations monetary and you can send what you want to us via US Mail. We are a 36 kennel rescue and full to the max. Our website is offline due to being reconstructed to make it easier to navigate around. If you want to donate monetary then go to and we have a chipin up. If you want to send us some stuff email info [at] and I will reply with the address for you to send stuff to.

    All donations are appreciated!

    Thomas Powell
    NC Pit Rescue

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    Where is it located?

  3. Greenville North Carolina

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    Oh okay, I have an NC APBT group on myspace. I don't know if you guys have a myspace page, but if you do, feel free to join and add some pups that need some homes.

    Just some rules though, even if you think they might have been used as a bait dog or fighting dog, I prefer it not be stated. Thanks, and good luck to your new organization.

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    Wow, there are so many pit bull rescues in North Carolina!! Do you guys have a MySpace or Petfinder page since your website is not up and running??

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    Best of luck in finding good homes for these poor little guys!

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