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Thread: Pit Lab Mix?

  1. Pit Lab Mix?


    I would like to ask for some advice. My husband and I adopted a 1 year old puppy
    last week. She was posted on Craigslist as a Lab. When we saw her we knew she wasn't
    purebred, but we didn't know what she is mixed with. Her owners said they adopted
    her from another person, and didn't mention anything about pit bull. They didn't
    seem to know what her mix is.

    Since then, several people have commented that her face resembles a pit bull. That
    doesn't bother me, but it could be a problem since we recently moved to Denver.
    Before this week, I didn't know much about pit bulls, or the ban, but I've
    been searching the web and have learned that she could be taken and killed if she
    looks like one. I have seen a lot of variety in the photos of pit bulls I've
    found, and some seem very stocky with the square head and wide stance, while others
    are taller and leaner like her.

    I have been anxious and worried since I heard that she may be a pit bull mix. She
    is a sweetie and we have fallen in love with her. It breaks my heart to think I
    may have to give her up, but the thought of having her taken and killed is even

    I am wondering how closely a dog needs to resemble a pit bull for the city to take
    it. I think she looks mostly lab, but I am not sure if I can even look at her objectively
    right now. I have posted some photos of her. Would you take a look and tell me what
    you think?


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    I think it is part pitbull. as long as ur a good owner and keep it out of trouble i dont think there will be any fuss about it unless next door has a problem with you. then they might start something, other than that i think it will be ok. dont know what the vets there will say.

  3. I do not see pit bull in that dog but I could be wrong:)

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    I don't know but she sure is a cutie!

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    It's very hard to say what else besides a Lab she's mixed with.....could be a number of different breeds.

    I definitely see the Labrador in her. I'd say if anyone asks....she's a Lab mix and that's all you're sure of.;)

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    I agree with Debbie. I see the lab but I don't really see pit. There are other types of breeds that get lumped into the Pitbull category, but they are not pits at all. She could be anything and those who don't know the breed my be $#@!osiating her with other breeds that they have seen. I would call her a lab mix and be done with it. She is a beautiful dog. Have fun with her. make sure you stay on the site and keep us updated on how things are going.

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    I agree with everyone else here. Regardless of what she's mixed with, she's beautiful! And she has the biggest, cutest smile! I too would just call her a Lab mix to be on the safe side. She looks like a sweetie!

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    I Just see a lab mix. Any form of mix can resemble one breed or another when there mixed. She could have Australian cattle dog in her for all we know. Its the same concept as all the mutts called Shepherd/Lab mixes when they might not have even 1% Shepherd in them its just easier to call them that then trying to guess (Ive even seen Beagle/Sheltie Crosses called German shepherd/Lab mixes). I knew someone with a Black Lab/German Short Hair Pointer cross, and everyone asked if the dog was a "Pit Bull" Some people even insisted she was a mix of lab and pit bull, even though the owner had pictures of both daddy and mommy of the dog (He was friends with the people the dog came from). People $#@!umed pit/ lab as the dog was built like a nice fat wide lab, with the short hair from the pointer.

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    Just stick with the she's a lab mix. It's really to hard to tell if she has pit bull in her. I don't think you'll have a problem, but then again who knows.


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    I have no clue what she could be mixed with but she sure is a cutie.

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    Get one of the doggie DNA tests. We all know they aren't accurate but it might help if animal control knocks on your door.

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    I see pit bull in her. Mainly the head/face/ears. Most people would not. Someone who really knows the breed very well may (also I have a pit/black lab mix myself). That could be a problem for you/her. I would just go with "she's a lab" until I was blue in the face though.

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    She looks like a lab. I don't believe there is any "pit bull" in her whatsoever. People just tend to think that anything with half-rose ears that the dog will pull back must be a "pit bull".

    She might be a mix, but she looks like a Lab to me. Just like "pit bulls", there is a HUGE variation in the way purebred Labs look (mostly due to the difference between trial Labs, field Labs, show Labs, and pet Labs).

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    Yeah the problem with BSL is anyone could say any dog resembles a pittie. But in general, that dog looks too much of a lab for you to have a problem. I would just keep a low profile with the dog and you should be fine. :)

  15. Pit bull Lab mix owner...


    I've just joined so apologies if you are no longer taking responses.
    I viewed your pics, my dog is the mirror image of yours right down to the white chest stripe, only mine is a male. I also have the same story - rescued from a shelter who called him a lab / shepherd mix. It was obvious to me he had Pit in him tho. And I see Pitt in your dog just like mine.
    Blake is my first dog so I am not an expert or a seasoned Dog "trainer". I did do a lot of research tho on Pitts & Labs to gain knowledge on my dogs needs. I really didn't want a pit bull, not for their bad rap but because of their terrier energy.
    I got Blake at 10 months old, he is now 3yrs. He is a fantastic dog! So loving, insanely "happy" and a pleaser - super social with both humans and canines.
    I have never had aggression issues with Blake - of any kind; dogs, humans etc.. I take Blake to off leash dog parks and dog daycare with open pack play and he is fine. But that is my experience with my dog and we went through lots of training & I am always the Leader.
    Be aware tho that because Pitts have such a bad rap, people will see the Pitt before the Lab, at least that was my experience. People who know dogs will immediately recognize the pit bull in your dog - there is no hiding it.
    If you haven't already you might think about talking to a Vet - they are local and can advise you about the city ban & how it might effect your Dog ownership.

    I started introducing Blake as a "Mutt" when I first got him - like you I was a bit gun shy about his pitt side -. But that didn't last very long, people always he part pit bull? Because Blake is so friendly, initially fearful people often changed their view, that's the beauty of being a responsible dog owner you have the opportunity to educate and dispell myths.
    If you decide to keep your dog, I'd be happy to share my experiences of this breed mix you. I have no regrets about keeping Blake.

    All the Best!

  16. I can see the pit by the shape of her head and how she tilts her her ears back but i also see a lot of lab by the body and her tail and coat but i agree with everyone else just keep her out of trouble and things should be ok

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    very cute dog...say she is a lab.....good luck with her......:)

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    I think she's a Lab. Now whether or not she's a purebred Lab, I don't know, but there is a lot of variance within the breed due to their being a difference between field Labs, trial Labs, show Labs, & your basic byb pet quality Labs.

    I don't, however, think she has any "pit bull" in her.

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    She looks like a Lab-mix... and that would be the way I introduced her, and had her registered with the vet. She's definitely a cutie!!

  20. Smile pit lab mix

    I just wanted to say what a beautiful dog you have. Also she looks like a regular lab to me but I can see the pit bull in her face. Another thing to let you know is I found out online that if you get your dog licensed than the city won't take you dog. There's a lot of paper work involved and money but I think it's worth it so you don't have to give her up. Another thing you could do is go to your local animal shelter and they can tell you if your dog is part pit bull at all. Just a few suggestion to help.


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