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    Does your dog smile???

    Hey everyone :D

    Thought I would ask..... does your APBT smile??

    My old Star girl started to do this at maybe 2 years. When I was away and came back (usually after a few hours) she would greet me....and Smile. It looked like a snarl (lips pulled up, teeth showing) as she was bending in half wagging so hard. If you didn't know her it might actually have looked scary. When I talked to her and encouraged this she would keep smiling, and actually smile more/harder to point were it would make her sneeze (the wrinkling of the lips tickled her nose and caused this). After the sneeze she would smile again, sneeze again, etc until she finally calmed down. I had never seen another dog do this. After she was maybe 5 years old I talked to the breeder I had gotten her from via phone and he described her mother doing the same thing. As I had mentioned in another post one of my dear friends has one of Star's puppies (now 10 years old), and he smiles/sneezes like his mother.

    Do your dogs? ..... or was this unique to her/them??

  2. I don't have an APBT, but I do have a chihuahua and he smiles.:)

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    My Sophie Smiles and it is awesome. She really smiles when her Daddy comes home. She looks like she is snarling and then sneezes. She does this a couple of times and then gives him a hug. It is the cutest thing ever. I don't know many breeds that smile like this however I am sure there are other dogs that do. I did read that it is a Pit Bull trait.

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    I had an Old English Sheepdog/Irish Wolfhound mix that used to do that. It was soooo cute! Of course she would do it on command as well if we told her to "smile" and she would. It was funny to watch people's faces too because they were not sure if she was going to bite. They'd come over to her and then she'd smile and they'd freak out and go the other way. lol It was too funny because she would not hurt a fly!

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    I love dogs that smile. From what I understand it is a learned behavior that they pick up from other dogs or sometimes even humans.

    It is super cute though!

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    Mine doesn't do this but she's not quite 2 yet lol. My friends old Pit Bull Zeana used to smile with her mouth wide open, big ol bully smile. You would talk to her and say ZZ and she'd perk up and give you that smile. Helena smiles like that when shes outside and having a good time with her doggy buddies or playing with us. But generally she just wags half her little body hard when she's happy.

  7. Mollie smiles all the time! :)

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    Both my pup Buster and Rosie give a smile but the kind where you dont see their teeth. Its funny all you see there chics with full of wavy wrinkles!

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    Sort of.

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    Jelet.... Not quite, but oh so cute. I LOVE the color of that APBT.

    LOL... good to hear everyone, hopefully one day my little Stormy will smile. (I likely will cry when she does, so many things about her remind me of Star, that would do me in).

    I know I used to smile and baby-talk to Star all the time, and then one day she just started doing it. I had hoped she had learned it, but when I found out about her mother (she would never have seen her do it) I thought maybe it was just genetic.

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    Moxie does!

    Oh and Apbtluvers dog Lil B smiles and shows her teeth.... I freaking love it!

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    Yep, all of mine smile!

  13. Lulu smiles all the time

  14. Mine smiles a lot - she is a mix though :)
    But she only smiled once with her upper teeth showing (I mean the upper lip was really UP) and she was bending and wagging.

    It happened when I just came home from work and she had "explored" what goodies she might find in the garbage bag. Luckily, there was no food in the garbage - not much of a mess.

    So I was talking "what did you do - no no" and so forth while picking up the stuff and she gave me a big grin! Honestly - how can you be mad when you see that???

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNWPBR View Post
    Moxie does!

    Oh and Apbtluvers dog Lil B smiles and shows her teeth.... I freaking love it!
    LOL - I have few smilers here like Little B. :D I just LOVE it!! They are even cuter as lil pups when they smile and show their teeth.

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    Levi can't seem to help but smile, isn't that a Pitty Trait? Isn't he handsome?

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    This looks like a Lugz smile to me:

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    When I was a kid we had a Doberman that smiled as you described, lips pulled back with top teeth showing, appearing as if she was snarling and ready to rip you a new one. She did it as a greeting it seemed, and would also do it on command. People were a little intimidated by it, but relaxed once they realized she was just saying hi.

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    My foster Bailey TOTALLY does that smile! I've been trying to get a picture of it forever but she wiggles around too much when she does it! People are always scared and thinks she's snarling at them. She does the sneeze and the whole deal! lol My friend is trying to fix my other computer so when he does I'll see if I can get a video of her doing it. I've actually known a few other pits that do it. The first one I met that did it came running at me and I was so ready to pop it in the head thinking it was coming at me aggressively until I clued into it's body language! lol For a second there I thought I'd be scrappin' the little thing! You can get Bailey to do it on command, too. She totally knows what ''smile'' means! Actually, Scarling does it when she's on the treadmill for some reason!
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    I had a friend that had an APBT, and her dog would always smile. It is unnerving at first, because it totally looks like she was snarling. Apollo smiles by wildly shaking the entire back half of his body.

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