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    Question Swollen and red after being spayed..Is this normal?

    I just had my dog Maggie spayed on Tuesday and it was fine at first but the last couple of days the place where her stitches are has started to become red and swollen. It's pushed out so far it looks like a golf ball is sticking out. I have called the vet's office but since it's the weekend they haven't answered or called back. I just didn't know if this was normal or not???

  2. No - that is NOT normal. Is your dog still acting "normal", eating, drinking, pooping?

    I was just reading another thread - and DivineOblivion19 has posted that he/she is a vet tech - maybe you want to send DivineOblivion19 a PM?

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    Yes she is still acting normal, full of energy. Doesn't seem to be pooping much at all though.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jessica5823 View Post
    Yes she is still acting normal, full of energy. Doesn't seem to be pooping much at all though.
    Watch the poop - there may be a rsik of an ileus - an intestinal obstruction. That would be life threatening - besides not being able to poop, your dog would be sleepy.

    And it sure sounds like an infection (the redness). See the vet first thing in the morning.

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    some swelling and redness are pretty common after a spay, but I would call your vet to be sure

  6. The swelling and redness should be less over time and not more after it was ok... What maybe more of a concern is that it looks like a "golf ball" sticking out... there is alwas a risk of sutures not holding up and then intestines may push out. It also could be an infection with fluids that may make it look like a ball...

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    Wow those things sound really bad. I hope she doesn't have to go through another surgury. I forgot to mention that the "ball" sticking out is hard, not soft or squishy. I will take her to the vet tomorrow for sure.

  8. Hope, it turns out rather harmless - let us know!
    Check on your Maggie once or twice this night - she has to be responsive. I wouldn't feed her anything anymore - just in case.

    Good luck!

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    Let us know what the vet tells you!! Good luck!! Paws crossed here that everything will be ok!! :)

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    After having over 30 female fosters spayed this last year I can tell you with pit bull type dogs red and swollen is kind of normal. It is hard to keep a puppy from playing for 10 days so usually after about five days they will do something to hurt the incision. I even had one pup break open the incision on a friday night but by monday morning it was healing nicely.

    I would take her to the vet if you are worried just to make sure but the golf ball usually is gone in a few weeks.

    The younger the pup the faster they heal. A 3 month old pup is back to normal about the same time the hair grows back. An eight month old the incision is pretty much still there months after surgery.
    I have to take 2 females and a male this weds for spay and neutering.
    After a long slow summer of few adoptons the pups now are being adopted as fast as I can get them in for surgery. :D
    Here are the 3 pups going in on Weds:
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    Thanks for all your help. I took Maggie to the vet today and she said her sutures were causing a reaction rubbing against the skin and that's what caused the bump and the redness. I just need to try to keep her more calm and not let her run around as much.

  12. That's great news - good to hear it is nothing serious.

    When my Katie got spayed, she was VERY ill and had to go back to the hospital and stay there for 2.5 days. I was so afraid.... The vet said - she had a condition that may happen to is 1 in 1000 - it caused her kidneys to shut down. She got through it and is fine now :-)

    It's not easy to keep an energetic dog quiet, right? I had Katie crated and just out for some easy walks until she was doing better.

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