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    Winter Dog jackets?

    Does anyone have any good sites for winter dog coats?

    I have plenty of hoodies for them from ( if anyone wants to look) but I would like to get a winter parka type jacket that's waterproof.

    They each have a very thick, waterproof jacket and a "windbreaker" type jacket for not so cold days, but I want something that's more stylish too. :eek:

    Any good sites?

    Roxy is 28" in length (very hard to find) and Hades is 24".

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    i tend to look at amazon - there's a huge variety from many stores.

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    I bought a couple jackets for Bunch here last year.

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    thanks for the links, though I have none to provide, Lexi is very cold sensitive and it will soon be snowing...:(

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    ok I just have to say... poor baby

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    ^ ahhaah he/she looks so depressed!

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    I have bought some jackets for my dogs at petsmart. But I am in the market to get some news one so I am going to have to check out the links provide.

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    I think Maddie's Mom got a nice jacket for Maddie at Old Navy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolHandJean View Post
    I think Maddie's Mom got a nice jacket for Maddie at Old Navy.
    Thank you! And you are correct....

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    I love that picture of Maddie!!!

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    Foggy Mountain dog coats fit my dog well. They were developed for a Bull Terrier, and thus are an excellent fit over the shoulders. They are also tailored to hug the body, and do not displace in windy weather. They also stay in place when the dog rolls on the gr$#@!! Slightly pricier than what can be found in the local Petco, they save money in the long run in function and wear. Daisy is still wearing her coats from four seasons ago. They offer raincoats, but the Nylon Turnout is waterproof enough, and lined in fleece as well. URL:

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    Dog Coats & Jackets -Sale
    Find Stylish, Warm Jackets, Coats,
    Sweaters & Parkas on Sale Now

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    Here is a jacket I got for my dog Tiger:

    He loves it. I got it out of a magazine called Harriet's for $12.

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    thats the same place i got mine 2 years ago. they are great coats and a lot better and cheaper then petmart.
    Quote Originally Posted by Maddie's Mom View Post
    Thank you! And you are correct....

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