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  1. Teeth Grinding

    So my dog Marley sleeps in bed with me. I know some of you frown on this but whatever.It's silent in there so sometimes I hear him open his mouth and when he closes it it sounds like he grinds his teeth. Hes 7 months old. A friend of mine has been staying with me and he has a 2 year old apbt who has made himself at home in my bed and I hear him do it sometimes to. Anybody know anything about this?

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    I have heard my dads dog do it when she used to sleep with me. I have a 6 month old puppy that when hes sleeping (i allow him to sleep with me also:D) i can hear him sucking IMO i think that they have dreams of when they were babies and are still "nursing" I could be wrong but thats how I interpret it so maybe the teeth grinding is similar.

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    My 8 month old puppy does the same sounds like he is chewing ice or worse, stones grinding. It gets really bad during the night. He also does it sometimes after licking??
    We haven't gotten any good answers as to why or what either...yet.

    p.s. we let him sleep w/ us too =)

  4. My dog grinds his teeth in his sleep too. Yes, he sleeps with me.

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    Not sure about grinding teeth, but my pup sure does snore loud :)

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    I googled it and found these... maybe they will help you :)

    You can always check out this site for more information:

    Here's a thread they have over there on teeth grinding:
    [ame=""]dog grinding teeth - Pet Docs on Call[/ame]

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