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    More from the GA aquarium pic HEAVY x 3

    Ok, it's not a home aquarium, but this place ROCKS!!!

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    Oh man, those are some AWESOME pics! I want to got there.

  3. WOW!!! great pictures:)

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    Awww! The babies are too cute!

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    They had a blast! Andie even touched one of the cow nose rays in the touch tank AND a starfish. I'm so proud of her! That girl is afraid of everything.
    Kaelen keeps looking at the pics, saying "That's jellyfish, Mom!" Snarly little bugger can already identify most of the critters.

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    Very cool!

    I talked to the boy about coming down to just go to the aquarium and he gave the okay. I am a nerd and whenever I go on vacation I have to go to an aquarium or go to some place that has one.

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    That would be awesome! Just let me know when and I'll get you in on a guest p$#@!'s cheaper than general admission.

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    It will probably not be for awhile. We are poor right now. I am hoping for a vacation in about six months.

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    Great pics Gala! The kiddos are adorable! And I love the jellyfish pics. That looks a lot like the aquarium in Chattanooga TN. It's very nice too. Everytime we ask the kids what they want to do on a Saturday, they say the aquarium. Your pics have made me want to take another trip there soon.

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    AWESOME pictures! That place looks amazing!

    What are the fish in the second and third pictures? They look like mega sized cichlids!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teal View Post
    AWESOME pictures! That place looks amazing!

    What are the fish in the second and third pictures? They look like mega sized cichlids!
    YUP! That's the African cichlid tank. I tried to figure out a way to bring it home...still working on that.

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    They get that big?! How big are those things.. do the pictures make them look bigger than they really are?!

    I'll help you get it home if I can name some of them lol

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    Holy crap!! That is what I am setting up in my second 55 gallon tank. I have some South American Cichlids that are just huge!! I need to get a better camera and take pictures.

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    My cichlid got eaten by my cat *sniffles* when he was only 2 inches long.. I've never seen any full grown! How big can they get? I love em *swoon*

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    I have a Jack Dempsey that is about four inches long. I also have a Manganese cichlid that is also about four inches long. I think they can range anywhere from 4 in to 7 in depending on the type of cichlid it is.

    My cat ate on of my beta fish about a month ago. Stupid cats (but I love them anyways)

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    Well, technically, Oscars are cichlids, so...depending on the species, they can range anywhere from 3 inches to 2 feet at adulthood. There are dozens and dozens of different species.

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    those are some cool pics. I would love to go some place like that!!

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    african cichlid like those in the pictures can get up to 6-8 inches long if in a big enough tank. the tank size will have alot to do with thier actual size. they will just grow to fit thier surroundings. i have seen paccoo's about 5 feet long before in huge tanks. the next house i biuld will have a 500 gallon tank at least biult into a wall. i have a indoor 25 yard rimfire rifle range in my basement now. i'm going to make the next house alot bigger than this one.

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    Oh. Are pacus in the cichlid family, too?
    The fish in those pics probably look a little bigger than they really are. The water warps the image some and they're being compared to a small 4 year old and a 2 year old =)

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    pacus are not in the cichlid family. they are in the (spelling is not one of my strong points)parana family. they eat friuts and vegetables mainly instead of meat. i had 2 one time that got up to 2 feet long before i got rid of them. they needed a much bigger tank. the length of a african cichlid like in your pictures is around 6-8 inches at adult size. i've had several of the electric colored african cichlids before. they are fun to watch as they chase each other around the tank.
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