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Thread: My Dog Stinks

  1. My Dog Stinks

    My dog Roc has the worst body odor. He is an indoor dog that stays outside when he gets restless inside. I have to give him a bath twice a week sometimes. I know this is not good for him so if anybody can help me please do. He is 7 months old.

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    Has the vet checked him out?

    The most common cause of a truly stinky dog (well, besides the "outdoor" smell) is a skin infection of some sort. A dog with a yeast infection downright reeks and if you sniff carefully, it has a somewhat sweet smell. A bacterial skin infection might also be at play.

    I would advise making an appt. with the vet for this reason only and let the vet know how bad the odor is....despite a bath (or 20).

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the advice!!!!

  4. Yeah My dog has mange and it makes him stink.

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    Maybe it could be his diet as well. Purely anecdotal, but I remember our dogs back in the day being smelly, when we fed grocery store crap. My current dogs don't seem to have a strong odor until they go outside (and that goes away after being in for a while). Or if they get wet, obviously.

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    In addition to what is mentioned above, I have met some dogs, that just seem to have some nasty body order. After you take him to the vet to make sure nothing is wrong with his skin, as yeast and other skin infections do happen quite a bit in dogs, although is seems mostly in English Bulldogs and $#@!er Spaniels, but can happen in any breed. If nothing comes of that, try to find a good baking soda shampoo. There is a really good one out by Lambert Kay, and it has Arm & Hammer baking soda in it. I have recommended this shampoo to a lot of dogs that just stink, and it has worked quite well.

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    Also have your vet check (express) the anal gland.

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