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Thread: Silent heat?

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    Silent heat?

    I was talking with a friend that used to breed poodles and he said that generally a bitch's first heat is "silent" in that there is no discharge or swelling really. This was in response to a discussion about so odd behavior problems that cropped up in my house in the past week or so. The bitch in question is an 8 month old APBT she has been a lot more "lovey" and my other 2 females (who are fixed one 14 month old AmStaf/Greyhound and one 17 months long hair chihuahua/toy poodle) have been a little more crabby than normal and my 2 males (both neutered 19 month pit mix and 11 month old miniature wire haired dachshund/scottish terrier) have been more possessive and feistier. The only physical sign I can detect on the pup is all her nipples are a little bigger but not swollen. I $#@!umed it was just from growing. Thanks for the help I've never had an intact female before. Also as a side note before the bashing begins, we absolutely do not intend to breed her as there is no point, the only time she is outside is on a leash to potty and for her walks and everyone is crated while we are gone. As soon as we can scrounge up the extra $150 we are going to have her fixed as her spay money went to the hospital for my miscarriage and we haven't been able to find it again yet since all 5 of them came up for shots. Thanks for the help in advance!

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    he said that generally a bitch's first heat is "silent" in that there is no discharge or swelling really

    First off not exactly true. although yes there is a thing called silent heat its not something that ALWAYS happens or is even a general rule. From the sounds of it your dog MAY be going into heat soon, she might not be in heat YET. Generally speaking the nipples swell they start becoming more flirty etc the male dogs may pick this up. Personally Ive never had a bully with a silent heat. It tends to be more common in smaller dogs then larger dogs.

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    Thanks for the info. I'd never heard of a silent heat but admittedly I didn't know very much anyway. I'll just keep my eye on her like I have been.

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    I have a female that only has silent heats. All of my other dogs have had normal heats from day one.

    It sounds like your dog is coming into heat - not silent. The whole process from start to finish is several weeks long. Your males will make it very obvious when she is receptive. They will whine, bark, and try to mount her. When she stands there and puts her tail to the side (flagging) she is saying she's ready; don't take your eyes off of her and search your yard for strays before going out.

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    That's why my friend thought it was silent because the new behavior problems have been going on for about 3 weeks already. Nothing else changed in their environments so it was his thought but I'd never heard of it. I was really hoping to get her fixed before her first heat but oh well. I knew it was getting close we just couldn't afford it. Thank goodness everyone else is fixed. We are won't be going to the park for off leash training on the off chance another dog comes by while we're there. Just some good old fashioned short leash walks! We usually go in the early morning or late at night so there are usually no other dogs around but we'll keep our eyes extra peeled!

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