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  1. cleft palate puppies

    I have 2 celft lip puppies i need some info on. I don't know if they are nursing. Will they make it anyone interested in adopting these little guys.??

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    Puppies with cleft pallets can't nurse. They are unable to create the suction needed. When bulldogs are delivered via c-section, the pallet is the first thing that's checked because it's so common. The pups affected are never stimulated to breathe because their chances of survival are so slim.
    Sorry, mate. But those pups should be put down.

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    sadly I agree with Gala, but you might want to post your question in the health and nutrition forum (the link I provided below) and see if any other members have a solution.
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    Please take the pups to the vet. Depending on the severity they will probably need to be put down. If you choose to keep them, they will need a lot of care and most likely future surgery if it is bad. Placing them may be more difficult unless they are healthy when they leave you or someone has the means to do the surgery on the pups.

    Best of luck with the choices ahead.

    Please update us in the health section on what you decide.
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