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    Umbilical Hernia

    My dog has a small umbilical hernia and I took her to the vet and he says it doesn't pose a big threat but I should keep my eye on it to stay aware of any growth or any thing...does any one know what the chances of it getting bigger or any more fatal are? It's only small like a little pimple right now and it's been that size since the last 2 weeks...thanks in advance!

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    When you get him or her spay/ nueter you can get if fixed.

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    My brother has an American Bully female that has that too. Shes 6 months right now and its a small bump. She had it since puppy and was a tiny little pimple. You can get it fixed at the vet. It won't hurt her though I think.

    Didn't realize this thread is old. lol

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