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    My bully has some black & some white nails. The white nails seam to get damaged a lot. Doest anyone have suggestions to strengthen the nail?

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    My bully has some black & some white nails. The white nails seam to get damaged a lot. Doest anyone have suggestions to strengthen the nail?
    How old is the dog?
    The reason I ask is when my Oreo was a pup he had some white nails they grew out to be black as he got older.

    I would just keep them trimmed.

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    In my experience, white nails are the softest. When you say damaged, what exactly do you mean?

  4. Her nails split, crack or break. I think it is because of the deck but I can't fence in my yard. She mostly is in a fenced in area that is on or around my deck. She doesn't walk on pavement much. She is not crazy about her nails being clipped either. I might try one of the dremel grinders to keep them short. She never breaks a black nail.

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    White nails tend to be softer then black nails. You could try keeping them trimmed down, but also if shes younger puppyish her nails may be softer aswell.

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    that's cause the black nails are made of at least it seems that way when I try to trim Mollie'

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    Try putting a paving slab where her water bowl is or a few if you can. This should help keep her nails down naturally without cutting them. How long are they?

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