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  1. Question How old should a pit be to start weight training?

    My pit is only 4months old shes very energetic i take her for atleast 1 hour walks everyday shes getting really strong i know shes still a puppy im just wondering how old it will be safe for her to start with some weights?:confused:

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    No. You should wait until she is atleast a year and a half before starting weight pulling. The reason is that she is still growing and this can damage joints and such during this time. Best to wait until she is older. :)

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    It depends on the kind of weight training you're talking about. Hanging weights on the collar and whatnot, I wouldn't do at all. Pulling drag weights for weight pull training or just for exercise, I start my dogs around 8 months with a weight pull harness and a small drag sled or tire. No real weight at first, just resistance. I don't go heavy on them until they're over a year.

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    My Pups get introduced to the track at a young age, around 4 months, but they dont do any real pulling untill they are a year, Little or no weight untill they are a year old, it will mess up there legs. I dont pull Super heavy untill there at least a year and a half old. Take your time you have your dogs whole life to make him good at weightpulling.

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    A year. Maybe more depeding on the dog as all dogs mature at different rates.

    Any younger than you are throwing the dice on whether or not you will cause serious damage to the musculoskeletal system (joints, ligaments, tendons, etc.)

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    i have an 8 mo old pittie, actually we dont know if she is a APBT or a Staffie, but any rate, she is pretty strong and athletic and weighs 54 lbs, I have already ordered a mighty harness for her to start training with for fun. I just bought 2 different thick chains at ace hardware, one weighs about 4.75 lbs and the other about ten. Anyone have feedback on if having her pull around the chain that weighs just under 5 lbs for start will be ok? I know that I shouldnt really use any more than that, but can anyone tell me how long I should have her dragging around this light chain before I use the heavier one? Thanks for your ideas....

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    What will be a good start in getting them into weight pulling?

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    I have 16 month old bully. He was only walked ALOT until a year, with a harness ussually. At 14 months i started havin him pull sum chains around. Hes still gets long walks. Now he drags ten pounds on a 2 mile walk every two days. Is this okay Or should i slow down? he gets plenty of rest.

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