Ok Im not sure how this will go but I want to do this SO dang bad! Ight this is the towns, cities and counties that have placed a BSL on Pitbulls in Kansas...

Augusta, Arkansas City, Bonner Springs, Cheney, Cherokee County, Inman, Dodge City, El Dorado, Ellinwood, Fort Smith, Fredonia, Garden City, Garnett, Hesston, Jackson County, Junction City, Kansas City, Kingman, Leawood, Liberal, Lola, Maize, Marysville, Nickerson, Overland Park, Park City, Pittsburg, Preston, St. John, Salina, Sterling, Ulyssas, Wyandotte County

SEE HOW MANY THERE IS!!! If your Town or City is not on this list... will it be in the future? Im sure there is loving, dedicated and caring Pitbull owners in each of them towns that had to go though the torcher of giving up there best friend because this law went into affect! Time we stood up and did something about it!

What I want to do is for ALL the Kansas Pitbull Lovers/Owners and everyone else that wants to help (the more the merrier) I want to dedicate a month out of our busy schedules to go together w/ our loving dogs by our sides to each of these towns and make up a petition and Pitty day in each of them to FIGHT off the BSL restricting them once and for all. To prove that good ownership is what these genuine dogs need and deserve! Prove that its the owners fault that them poor dogs went national and was considered "Vicious" or "Unpredictable" am I right???

I have alot of Ideas in my head but I need everyone’s help to make this work! I cant do this by myself, I need ALL the support I can get! PLZ tell me you will help and give me ideas on what I need to do in order for this to work! Im sick of sitting back and letting this GREAT breed go to the cats…. I want to fight! Whos with me??!