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  1. Female pit need home ASAP

    Hi I just found this forum. I live in Pensacola FL and I really need some help finding a female pit either a foster home or perm home. She lives 2 streets over from me and recently had puppies. She looks half starved to death and had no water, tied to a tree. She had 9 puppies and now only 2 are left. I think I can find homes for the puppies but the mom will not be adopted out at our animal shelter in Escamia County FL, from what I read. I went into the yard today, she barked but then I walked up to her and she licked my face. She is a sweetheart. I gave her some food which she inhaled. The owner pulled up while I was there and I asked him if I could have her and the puppies, he said yes. Then proceded to give me some lame excuse as to why she is so skinny and said he needed to go buy more food for her. Meaning he had none to give her- don't worry I will go first thing in the morning with more food. Anyway I begged my husband to keep her, he said NO, we already have 2 large dogs, 1 being a Rottie and a new baby. Someone please take her...
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    Good luck with her and the pups.

  3. Thanks, can anyone tell if they know any rescue groups in my area (Northwest FLorida) I'm about 30 min from Mobile & an hour or so from Destin/Panama City area.

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    Hello, and welcome!!

    There is a rescue and adoptions forum here, you may be able to find a rescue near you with the resources there.

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    I should also mention that we do not allow owners to put their dogs up for adoption, nor the sale of dogs on this forum. I hope you understand. :)

  6. This is NOT my dog, so I thought it would be ok to list it.A mod can delete this thread if they want I posted it in the adoption section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by linda View Post
    This is NOT my dog, so I thought it would be ok to list it.A mod can delete this thread if they want I posted it in the adoption section.
    I understand. :) It's ok. We just wanted to make sure you understood the rules of the forum is all.

  8. Thanks for the links, somehow I ended up at a website in my town (Pensacola) that is a no kill shelter that adopts pitts! I had no idea we had this here. I can sleep now, I will call them first thing in the morning. Also they need volunteers, & that is something I have always wanted to do.

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    I'm happy you were able to find some good information here. I hope all works out well for that pretty momma and her puppies. Thank you for doing so much to try and help them.:)

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    Hello and welcome... what's the latest on the dog and her pups?

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    Keeping my fingers crossed!! Keep us updated, she looks like a sweetie..

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    I think the world of this rescue group. Maybe Michelle can point you in the right direction...

  13. Red face willing to take

    please email mail me back i am willing to adopt and take her into my wings. i pray that all is well.

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