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    AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day

    This September, hundreds of AKC affiliated clubs and other dog organizations will be celebrating AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day all across the country. You can join the fun by attending an event in your area!


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    Yeah!! they are having one in Memphis, and I'm planning to go!! Doubt I will take Mollie though, it's too far away, and I'm too afraid to have her around that many dogs and not know how she/they will react... so I will go but she will have to stay home!

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    Check out Sept. 13th... :) Our Sanctioned show is listed as we are hosting a CGC that day and will be passing out literature to everyone.

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    Oh, I'm thinking about the ABPT Awareness Day in October... duh.... but I need to check into this as well

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    Responsible Dog Ownrs Day

    Mid Florida American Pit Bull Terrier $#@!ociation will have a booth set up and will also perform a weight pull demonstration at the Tampa Bay/Clearwater AKC Responsible Dog Owners events on September 6th. This will be our 2nd year and it is one of our very favorite events to particiapte in!!! We would certainly encourage other pit bull organizations to get involved in your area!!

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