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  1. I have to get rid of my pitt bull..

    I had my pitt since he was born and he is now about 6 months old.. i live in pasadena,tx and the apt i live in are racist against pitt bulls so there makin me get rid of him i cant find a home for him and i do not want to take him to the animal rescue because they will put him to sleep i love him dearly and i just want him to have a good home he is potty trained he is good around kids and he is a very playful puppy very sweet .. he is a red nose he is brown and white and he has some of the most prettiest markings.. thank you

  2. Where are you from??? Can't the SPCA help you out??? If your near Virginia I can find him a good home. Let me know and I am sorry for your loss.:mad::(

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    I'd say scew getting rid of your pup and find some where eles to live, but thats me. If you do happen to get rid of him i suggest get as much info on anyone interested in him.

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    Move somewhere else.

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    That's why its important to check your apartment's policy before bringing one of these guys home. I would find someone to foster him while you move. Or give him to the rescue group so he at least has a chance. They have an easier time adopting puppies out than older dogs. Go on and find out what Pit Bull rescues are in your area. Good luck.

  7. Hi there, I'm glad you found us! :) I'm sorry to hear about you unfortunate situation. Hopefully we can help you find a solution so you can keep your baby. I went through a hard time not too long ago and I truly feel for you.

    It's pretty typical that large apt complexes will not accept pitt bulls or even pitt bull like breeds. You deffinitely should've checked into that first :(, but now you know for the future. You always always must plan ahead when you're going to embark on the wonderful journey of raising one of these pupps. My story goes that I moved back into state after a sudden traumatic incident and almsot had nowhere for me and my baby to gp, but I wasn't about to leave her behind. I was very lucky that my dad took both of us in till I could get on my feet again. I found an apt and like yours they would not accept my baby girl, but it was all I could afford. My dad agreed to keep my little girl till I could get into somewhere else. I've been searching and I got some great advice from one of the members, that I'll share with you now. ;)

    The member told me to try checking on for a private renter because they are sometimes more understanding. They said to make sure the renter accepts medium to large dogs first. set up a time to meet and go through the apt, bring your lovable pup with and leave him in the car. ( Do not leave him for too long... pupps can die in the heat in a closed car. crack the windows at least a few inches, but not so that he could wriggle out and make sure to give him plenty of water before you go. ) Dress nice and make a good, responsible first impression, talk up the apt. how much you like it and how you can see yourself in it already etc etc After you're done with your walk through offer to let your landlord meet your awesome pup. DO NOT mention what his breed is and if you're asked say you don't know or that he's an unknown mix. Bring doggie refferences with you too from people like your vet or a family member/friend etc.

    If you've tried everything and still hit a wall .... I would never ever just give him up to a shelter or animal control facility. There are too many cruel pwople in this world that do terrible things to pitt bulls and if he were to get adopted by the wrong type of person, it would be a disgrace. Find an actual pitt bull or bully breed rescue. Search on line and ask around the forums..... some places I've heard will even come from out of state to rescue your pitt baby. I know you don't want anuything to happen to your baby boy. You've deffinitely got yourself into a pickle, but with perseverence you can get yourself out and feel good about everything. Good luck to you!!! Feel free to private e-mail me of you want to chat more......

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    I just rented a place that didn't allow pit bulls. Took me 3 months to find, but the landlord met my dogs and he loves them.

    I have moved several times with my dogs. It can be done, you just have to be persistent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by love_a_pitt View Post
    It's pretty typical that large apt complexes will not accept pitt bulls or even pitt bull like breeds.
    OT, but just a pet peeve of mine. Only one "T" in Pit Bull. :)

  10. my bad, I didn't know. I was just trying to give her helpful advice.... I never claimed to be a good speller... LOL

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