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    Question Bloodshot Eyes??

    Hello all. I am new to posting and a new APBT owner, so please try to forgive my ignorance if I goof this up. I have a 9 month old brindle colored APBT and when she looks away to where I can see the "white" part of her eyes, they constantly look "bloodshot", like she'd been on an all night binge! I have never had a dog whose eyes looked like that. She also had some hair loss, which the vet gave me some drops to put on her back and see if it may have been fleas or mange. I have also found out here that APBT's have many food allergies and I do have her on food that has no wheat or corn in it, so I'm hoping one of these will help. So far at least she doesn't have anymore red bumps where the fur is missing so I am hoping that this problem will start clearing up. I've only had her for two weeks today and I am guessing it will take a bit for her fur to grow back. I don't think the two conditions are related but thought I'd mention it just in case. Anybody seen this before and should I be concerned? :confused:

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    My boy had a few hair losing issues, puppy pimples, ect. I stopped using Frontline/Premaris type fleas control applications and starting using Adams spray for fleas/ticks/mosquitos (it also deodorizes). After coming in from the outside, I take a wet towel and do a wipe down...he loves it. Then I spray and rub in the Adams...I apply as needed. All the skin/hair issues went away. A friend of mine uses a saline wash on his dogs eyes that seems to keep his dogs eyes bright white instead of bloodshot. Just some suggestions. I also went to Innova for feeding.
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    Thanks DieselDawg!
    Is this the Adams spray you are talking about?

    I've never tried it but would be willing to. I personally don't like the chemicals in Frontline and other products like that and would be happy to find something better. :)

    I will also try the saline solution. I have honestly never had a dog that had eyes like that all the time. It's new to me and I've had dogs my whole life.....

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    Timbo has had red eyes since the day i got him at 8weeks old, they get even worse when hes tired. Recently his left eye got swollen shut, i had a vet tech check him out and she gave me some Neosporin,Polysporin ointment for his eyes and said he might have pink eye...7days later, they a bright white again!!! YAY!! good luck!

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