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  1. My 2 year old Pit bull keeps scratching himself??

    Last March my boyfriend and I moved into an apartment and we noticed sometime the following summer that he was scratching his face excessively (his eye and snout in particular) to the point where he would make himself bleed. We took him to the vet and they advised us to put him on a different diet and gave us some pills to help ease the symptoms. Over the winter we notices that his scratching decreased (but not totallly gone) and we thought that it was his food that was causing this reaction.

    Just recently ,the past month or more, he has begun scratching and rubbing his face over everything again. Yesterday the gr$#@! was cut behind our building where we put Joc out to use the bathroom. We had gone out for about 2 hours last night and when we got home his face was horrible. His muzzle was very red from rubbing or dragging it across the carpet and he had cut the skin around his eye.

    I am taking him to the vet again tomorrow but I would think that it is a gr$#@! or pollen allergy because he first showed symptoms last summer which was his first summer and then they went pretty much away during the winter and now it has gotten really bad again.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions on what it could possibly be?

  2. It sounds like allergies. What are you feeding?

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    I would take him to the vet and get a skin scrape to rule out mange, mites, etc. I would also ask the vet to check his ears for an ear infection.

    One of my dogs has allergies. I believe he's allergic to gr$#@!. Normally with his allergies he breaks out in a rash under his belly and it gets red. I usually take him to the vet and he is given a cortisone shot and it clears up within days.Two weeks ago I noticed that his face looked pretty bad. He had scabs from where he had been scratching. I took him to the vet and she did another skin scrape to test for demodex mange. The test was negative again. I requested that she check his ear because when I cleaned his ear, he cried a bit. He did have an ear infection in both ears, but one was worse than the other. She sent me home with cephalexin, prednisone, and a cream for his ears. He seems to be feeling better.

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    Sounds like allergies but I would go to the vet to do a skin scrap to rule out other things first.

  5. Yeah when he had first started excessively scratching they took a scraping for mange and it came back negative. They told us to put him on a lamb and rice diet and that did seem to help...that is until the summer hit and he is terrible again. It also seems kind of funny that it is usually only the right side of his head that has problems.

    I am going to mention to the vet about his ears because they are usually pink but his right ear is always dirty looking and he has the most problems with his right ear (extremely pink and scabby). Also with his face it is always his right eye that is scabbed really bad. His muzzle as well, because he likes to drag it along the couch, carpet, bed etc.

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    sounds like it could possibly ear mites, or an ear infection, or MAYBE a tooth that is giving him trouble.

    They have ear mite solution, I would try it....It surely will not harm anything. If he has an ear infection, then there are home remedies, or use what they vet prescribes.

  7. Well I managed to get him into the vet tonight and all they said was that it was a seasonal allergy and gave me more pills to put him on. They said the only way to pin point what he is allergic to is to take skin scrapings to do allergy tests on and they don't do that at their clinic.

    So tomorrow I am going to find out what clinic does do that so we can figure out what is causing his discomfort :(

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    I am sorry. I am glad you found out for sure what it was though. Hopefully you can find the cause.

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    This is exactly what we've been going through with Loki. His head looked terrible. I tried ear mite medicine several times with no luck. This weekend, we got him some ear infection medicine and a cortisone shot and he seems to be doing much better. I hope your doggie is feeling better soon. We know how he feels.

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    I had the same problem

    I have been dealing with similar issues with my staffy. My vet and I have narrowed it down to a combo of seasonal and food allergies. I was told the same thing about the allergy test but that runs about $400 average. The dirty ears is common with the food allergies is what I have been told. Kaiyas treament so far is a restricted diet of California Natural Herring and Sweet potato kibble and homemade sweet potato chews...she gets nothing else at this point. She also gets a daily dose of Claritin to help with her allergies. She has been scratching at her belly so bad that she has gotten a major staph infection which is now on a 3 week treament with Simplecef to clear that up. So far switching the food and cutting off all not natural treats has helped immensely.

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