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    DAX and Ed Shepard BANNED from UKC


    Ed Shepard Banned from UKC .

    "Ed Shepard had recently Launched his new registry US bully registry and I thought it was because of Dax and Primo"s paper being pulled.Well thats true but even worst he was banned indefinitely by the UKC for falsifying paper work on his dogs according to their records.Dax had a huge impact in the bully community with a record of over 1300 off springs registered by the UKC , Mr. Shepard had to do something to keep the bloodline afloat,so he created USBR which was smart on his behalf."

    Ed Shepherd Banned From UKC.

    "In previous post I spoke highly about Ed Shepherdís dogs and my admiration for them. Well today I found out that Mr Shepherd has been banned from registering his dogs with UKC. To me a UKC banning comes as no surprise, because if UKC really does itís homework, it would discover that most dogs in their database are mixed with something. What surprises me is that they used Mr.Shepherd as an example.
    Ed Shepherd One Step Ahead
    It would almost seem that Ed Shepherd saw this coming, because weeks before, he launched his own new registry ďUS Bully RegistryĒ or USBR, a registry in which he hopes to register many different breeds of Bulldogs including some of the newer breeds such as Shorty Bulls, Exotic Bullies and Bandogges.
    What Paperwork Is Accepted By USBR
    In case you are wondering what paperwork is accepted by the USBR, here is the present list. UKC AKC ADBA ABKC BBCR IBKC UBKC .
    On USBRís website, it states that if you do not see your dogís registered paperwork on the previous list, that you can contact them for further information.
    Dax Dogs Need To Switch Now!

    For owners with Daxline dogs or any dogs with Dax blood that is registered with the UKC, it would make perfect sense to go ahead and register your dog with USBR NOW. Your kennelís future could depend on it. Before I go further, this topic was not written to support or denounce Mr Shepherd or his new venture. It just makes sense to me, based on how many dogs are falsely papered for us not to put all of our hopes in one basket.
    Did Mr.Shepherd Cheat On His Paperwork?

    He probably did, but so too have tens of thousands of other dog owners and breeders. Cheating and scamming is not good. Itís wrong greedy and selfish. I have learned in this life that whatever you do always comes around. Thatís why I do GOOD and do GOD!
    In the end, for whatever reason Mr Shepherd was expelled from UKC, it really does not matter that much any way. there are too many registries out there willing to take up UKCís slack.On the other hand, I commend UKC for not taking sides and doing what they feel is right to bring the dogs back to where they need to be."

    I am so happy the UKC put their foot down with his paper hanging $#@!..
    Because you know this thing doesnt look like ANY APBT

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    Jeebus I could p$#@! Jud off as an APBT before that dog. D: Hell Pook, Bear would p$#@! before this dog! LOL

    Glad to see Ed is Banned from the UKC. Now if they will crack down on the others. But its a start right?

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    So.. Dax is whack?

    The reason I ask is because a "breeder" I know was raving bout her new Dax I'd never heard of it before.

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    Lol yea its a start I think they might have done the same to Miagi.

    I cant stand Dax, he is an abomination and a sway backed exhausted 24/7 hippo, he has horrible life for a dog if you have seen the videos of him, I feel sorry for him

    You couldnt PAY ME to take a Dax pup

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    hippo? It looks like a genetically deformed Boston Terrier to me. LOL

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    I saw the pup, she is the same age as Lyza but weighs about 3xs more, BUT, she's just as short....I thought she looked off.

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    oh my that dog is nice

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    Yea Missy, that "off" look is typical of them lol

    Shut up Tanner LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by LovePup View Post
    hippo? It looks like a genetically deformed Boston Terrier to me. LOL
    No kidding, eh? That dog is messed the $#@! up. Yeesh.

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    I HATE Dax, and Miagi. I have Ambullies but I don't have unhealthy, english bulldog mixes(nothing against english bulldogs, as long as they are not mixed with APBT). I'm glad he got banned and I think I heard something about his offspring being pulled too (let's hope!). I try to stay up with it but don't have time to read all 232 posts (probably more now) on the facebook page I'm a part of. I'm just glad they got rid of that mutant.

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    not surprising for the ban, but surprised it took this long....

    Never liked the look of Dax: to overdone with a bad back. But the breeder wants to register shorty bulls and exotics?? Whatev, dude!

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    Miagi is an orthopedic mess as well. The dog has to bunny hop to run because his legs are so low to the ground in the front :(

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    Bout time!

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    So he would be a XXXXL pocket? That poor dog couldn't step over his own $#@!.

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