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  1. New pitbull/hound mix puppy

    Adopted an adorable puppy a month ago who is between 4-5 months old. We were told by the rescue that he was a whippet/Italian greyhound mix. Well, our vet and petsmart trainer see neither of those and both agree that Iggy is a pitbull/hound mix. I have ordered DNA testing to determine his breeds but there is no doubt he is large part pit. He is super smart and sweet but I know that pitbulls are, as are all breeds, unique and so I wanted feedback on training techniques. We have two daughters, one is 5 and a half and the other will turn 2 in a few weeks. I am mostly concerned about nipping the nipping, and any signs of aggression, in the bud. The techniques that have been suggested don't seem to work and any kind of aggressive training seems to backfire. My sense is that Iggy needs a lot of positive reinforcement and firm boundaries but am not sure how to address the nipping. The coin can seemed effective in making him stop immediately but not sure how to get the message to him that any teeth on a person is not ok. Don't want to overuse and not sure if or when to pair it with a command and what that command should be. The trainer told me to spray him between the eyes with a mixture of water and lemon juice. He didn't seem bothered by it and it didn't work at all; also it seems cruel and he's learning to see me as an aggressor so I am not going to do that again! He will cease his nipping if I say no, offer a chew toy, yelp and ignore, but will resume again shortly. Also, my 2 year old is too young to give him a command so I need a technique that I can use when he's biting others.

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    Do you have a picture of the dog you could post out of curiosity

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    Welcome to PBC!!

    Be careful about the DNA testing... to my knowledge none test for the American Pit Bull Terrier which is the one and true Pit Bull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PitBullHappeningsRescue View Post
    Welcome to PBC!!

    Be careful about the DNA testing... to my knowledge none test for the American Pit Bull Terrier which is the one and true Pit Bull.
    from what i have heard from other folks who have had these done and read online these tests are not accurate at all they tested some dogs they knew already were purebreed and the test came back with toy breeds showing up and everything they are not accurate at all and i would not waste my time or money on them

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    There are even some DNA tests that require a picture with the sample. That sounds totally legit.

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    We can't tell you definitively what breed or mix of breeds your pup is but post a pic and we can help you guess.

    As for the nipping, it's totally normal puppy (regardless of breed) behavior. But he is a puppy so you need to be patient and consistent with him. Pick ONE method and stick to it. I'd suggest the yelp and ignore method. And he WILL screw up and continue to nip so when that happens, you yelp and ignore again. Rinse and repeat as often as you can. Puppies aren't trained overnight. They're gonna screw up. They're gonna ignore you. They're like kids. So again, patience and consistency.

    Also keep in mind that you've had this pup for all of a month. And in that month you've tried at least 5 different training methods. No wonder he's confused and doesn't know what you want!

    Be sure to read all the stickies this forum has to offer. :)

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