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  1. Stubborn dog syndrome:)

    Hi everyone!

    I adopted my 1 yr 4 mos old pit mix Jan 24th.
    She is so sweet but so stubborn. She loves to be outside or go for car rides. The problem is, when she doesn't want to do something she mule stances or rolls over on her back and I can't get her to budge. She just lays there and stares at me. Most of the time I have to carry her inside. I've tried to bribe her with treats but she just ignores me.
    Obviously right now she is the pack leader. But she is too strong for me to even grab her collar and make her walk. She just plays dead dog and won't move.

    Ive never had a dog like this and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions on collars would be so helpful!

    Thank you for your time:)

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    She doesn't think she's "the pack leader" because she doesn't think you're a dog. Alpha theory is a load of BS.

    That said, when specifically does she refuse to move? My first thought was that she's scared.

  3. Can you explain a little more what situations she does this in?

    It is not her trying to be pack leader, she is trying to tell you that something is not right. A new collar will not help.

  4. Mostly after I am done walking her or when we get home and I try to get her in the front door. She literally won't budge.
    Or if I try to walk in a direction she doesn't want to go.

    Ive never raised my voiced to her, I've never raised a hand to her. Once I get her in she is fine.
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    Kimba used to do that when she was a few month old, particularly when heading back home from a park or something like that, she would just drop on the gr$#@! like your picture on the right, eventually (not to long) she outgrew that.
    The way I see it is that she REALLY wanted to stay outside and keep playing, I could pull on the leash and she would make herself heavy and act like a bag of sand.
    Don't worry it will get better.


  6. Thx so much. I just really wish she would listen to me. Bailey who just died would come at the drop of a dime just to be by my side. Sometimes I wonder if maybe she just doesn't like me. I'm hoping as she adjusts to her new home she will begin to trust me. Lord knows what the people who surrendered her did to her. She spooks really easily.

  7. Stubborn dog syndrome:)

    Dogs don't do stubborn, they do what works. If doing what you want her to do doesn't have something that she wants in it for her, she'll do something else instead. My guess is that she doesn't want to go inside and is trying to stay out longer to keep having fun. I would work on coming inside, getting a treat and going back out again. That way coming in the house doesn't mean that outside time is always over.

  8. I think I would just grab a chair and sit with her to see what she would do next. Maybe grab a sandwich while your waiting and give her a bite or two. Then see if she'll go inside with you.

  9. Great idea, thanks I will do that tonight

  10. sorry I shouldn't be laughing, but...that picture is...with her laying down. It would frustrate me to no end. Bless your heart for taking 'dead dog'. She's defently going to be a character

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    Stubborn dog syndrome:)

    Ghostface used to do this as a puppy, when we'd go for walks he would be fine near the house but once we go about a block away he would plant his feet n pull back the other direction. May have something to do with being in an unfamiliar area, like stated the behavior didnt last long, maybe a month or 2...i just coaxed him along with a toy or something that he really enjoyed, eventually i stopped bringing the toy and now i dont have the problem.

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