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  1. Deaf puppy

    My bby girl pit is Lucy she's 2 months old & appears to b deaf she can hear nothing when clapping or snapping fingers in her ear any advice

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    There's a test that vets do to find out if your dog is in fact deaf in both ears (not sure exactly what it's called).
    I'd take the pup in and have that done and ask the vet for advice.
    I'm $#@!uming you'll have to teach using hand signs and touch.
    Maybe do a google search on how to train a deaf puppy and read through numerous links to get a rough idea of the method you want to take.

    Also, post some pics of her :) And good luck.

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    And her ears are clean looking right?

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    I would get a BAER test done at the vets to make sure if she is deaf or not. :)

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    ^^ Thanx lol.

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    The reason I have my dog is because someone initially 'adopted' her at 10 weeks, determined she was deaf, and brought her back. I thought she was deaf initially, because she didn't react to noises, same thing as you, clapping and snapping without regard.

    At almost 3.5 years old, she's basically the same way. She's pretty selective hearing, but I know that girl can hear based on the way she reacts to different stimuli, especially stimuli none of the other dogs react to.

    I would suggest getting the dog BAER tested to know for sure. Also, getting his ears examined (with an otoscope to look inside them) is crucial. Lily had bilateral ear infections with impacted ear drums when I got her. I'm sure that had something to do with the 'deafness'.

    Regardless, owning a deaf dog is not nearly as different from owning a hearing dog as most people make it out to be. The most important thing is to make sure they are never off leash in an non-contained environment because if you can't have their visual focus, they don't know to come back to you. I've worked with a lot of deaf dogs in flyball; our team used to have an all deaf team. We are currently running with one full-time deaf dog (a border-staffy-pit-mix) and he freaking rocks it.

    Good luck!

  7. Yes I'm planning on taking her to the vet she's my bby my big boy rockey he's 10 months old so their a perfect match

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    Might start with the tips here:


    They have a link to BAER testing, when I first got one of my pups I thought the she was unilaterally deaf. nearest testing was far. Before I could arrange it we realized she was just more interested in butterflies and dragon flies outside the window. In the worst case I focus on training a strong watch and work out hand signals for all the family to use for commands.

  9. If you want to test and find out for sure the level of your pups deafness you can do a BAER test (your vet would be able to point you in the right direction).

    I had it done on my dog but it didn't tell me a whole lot of new information. I had a pretty good hunch that he was deaf and I was right.

    I second getting a vet to closely examine the ear canal and ensure that nothing bad is going on in there.

    For training, I would be happy to provide you with information. I have fostered and trained 10+ deaf puppies.

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    Ive heard to use a laser pointer, not sure how it'll work.

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