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  1. Dog stairs/ramps for bed

    We're looking for a set of stairs to help Bailey get in and out of our bed. Sometimes we have to lift her up (for Austin it's easy, but my bed is pretty high and 60lbs is a lot for me) and sometimes she try and either miss or almost miss. I'd like to make things a little easier on her and us. Do you guys have stairs/ramps? What do you like/dislike? We were leaning more towards stairs because we thought a ramp would have to be too long to get to the point where it's high enough to really help.

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    My parents have stairs for their boxers. I don't know the brand, but it does the job. I lie the concept of stair better than a ramp myself.

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    We bought this one for when Tank was younger and couldn't jump on and off the bed. Its very nice. Very easy to put together and doesnt slip around on the hardwood.

    **I forgot to mention our bed is pretty hight up and the ramp itsnt flush with the bed at top but its only a few inches of difference and he was able to step right up as a pup.
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    spoiled to the max!

  5. Tank would you say that one was pretty sturdy? A lot of the reviews I'm reading online say the items are cheesy and not holding up-even if they say it can hold up to a 150 lbs or 200lbs. One person wrote (for a set of stairs) that the same system used to hold up DVD shelves is what's being used here and there is no support in the middle. I want to say our bed is 30 inches high...I have a picture of a crate next to it and I think it's that sized crate...I'll have to measure to be sure. Someone suggested making the stairs go up as high as the top of the box spring so that the mattress height is just another step up.

    I kind of want to make it (so it'll be to my preferences, and I think it'll be cheaper) but I'd need help and hubby is NOT interested. Plus, we don't reall have the right tools (a hand held circular saw ain't gonna cut it).

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    We use this:

    I used it w/ my 55 pound Basset Hound and we use it w/ Veronica (currently 47 but having been as fat as 55 lbs).

    The pros: it is pretty sturdy and pretty high (we have a high bed); you can configure the bottom so that the ramp is either straight out or has a space saving turn like in the picture.

    The cons: you do need to place it on a rug or put some additional no slip backing on the bottom to keep it place.

    Veronica uses just the top half to get off the bed. She didn't like any configuration to get on the bed and to be honest I never worked with her on it; because she prefers to put her paws up and get a boost and she really isn't heavy when you're just boosting the rear end.

    We took the botton half and put it against our couch which it's the perfect height for and she uses it to get on and off the couch.

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    Making one is probably your best bet. This way you get what you want.

    As far as the ramp holding up... Yes. Now that Tank is able to get up on his own we gave the ramp to my father in law and his over weight golden/chow mix (who's about 80-90lbs) uses it with no problem. Hes very old and tend to stop after a step or two and it holds him just fine as he catches his breath.

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    We found a wicker footstool with a cushion at the thrift store for $10. It's super sturdy and a perfect height just about 1/2 the height of our bed. Nick can sleep on it, or use it as a step to get onto the bed.

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    I made the mistake of buying a set of stairs at the pet store for Owen as he cannot jump up onto our bed. Totally regret it. He can't use the steps because they are designed for a lil dog, not a long bodied short legged Basset. And the store wouldn't take em back. So now the steps sit against the wall and hold cell phones and tablets while they charge :(

    Whatever you decide, if you aren't making but buying, check the return policy and make sure you can bring them back if your dog won't or can't use them.

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