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  1. Red face Orijen or Acana? Large or Small Breed?

    Yogi is 18 weeks old. i am wondering what he should be eating. His dad is a staffordshire terrier ( about 85 + LBS ) and his mom is a American Staffordshire Terrier ( about 65-70 LBS ). Should he be eating Puppy Large Breed or Small breed? AND is Acana a more appropriate dog food for pit bull puppies? I heard pitties have weaker tummies, is that true?

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    I would say large breed...but the bag should specify breeds and weight requirements. I was wondering about food as well and looked into it myself. Orijen and Acana are both excellent but very pricey. If money is not an issue than either would be good. But it was recommended that I try a more economical brand Taste of the Wild. I bought it this morning for my boy Ely and he loves it! I got the prairie formula with bison and venison, grain free. As far as weaker tummies I am unsure as I am new to the breed myself. I have always owned rotties and I know they do have sensitive tummies. Taste of the wild can be ordered online for around $47 for a 30lb bag and most sites have free shipping. Also, a lot of pet stores do carry it.

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    Perhaps if you post your concerns and questions in the Health & Nutritional Care forum, more members will see and respond :)

  4. I looked into it a little more and The Acana Pacifica is a all ages formula and has a vary good balance of Nutrients :) I was told today about the calcium in it is perfect for their bone growth. I think he will be around 75 LBS but giving him large breed can still do harm to his growth, Pit bulls are a medium sized dog, yet big, still not a large breed. So ACANA it is. At least tell he is a little older then He will get the Orijen :) As for how expensive it is. I eat good myself, No processed food, no Fast Food, ect. So, If i eat good Yogi eats good to. Some might disagree but That's just how we do :) Thanks for The info

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