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    What length of time do pit bulls grow and how big will my puppy get?

    I adopted Cian at the end of October, and he was just at 20 lbs at that time and was four months old. He'd had parvo (which is why his previous owner dumped him at the shelter), so I think he was a bit undersized for his genetics. He's been growing like a weed! He's putting on a steady 2.5 lbs a week (he's just under 45 lbs now). I'm a little curious as to how big he might get. I had him at the vet yesterday and she said that puppies usually stop growing "up" at around 8 months and fill out until about a year. I'm not sure if she meant puppies in general or pits. Everything I've read about them says they continue skeletal growth until about a year and then fill out until about two years. If he keep going at the rate he's putting on weight now, I'm looking at a 75lbs dog, which would be huge for a pit. He does have a ton of loose skin on his neck, back, and under his legs (near the arm pits), so I think think he still has quite a bit of growing yet to do. I'm wondering what others experiences are. Do they grow until 8 months and then fill out, or is the growth time longer for them?

    Also, I'm feeding him Blue Buffalo Wilderness for Puppies (no grain, soy, etc). I don't know if that makes a difference since their growth is mostly genetic, I believe. It is very high quality food though.

    Cian at 4 months:

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    Cian now (6 months):

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  2. First of all clan is adorable! The rule of thumb for estimating adult weight is to double your pups weight at 4 months, give or take a few pounds. That formula isn't guaranteed to work but is pretty accurate for medium breed dogs. Hope that helps

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    Neat little toy I can't yell you if its truely accurate.

    How Big Will My Puppy Get? | Pupvana

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    Well since you got him from a shelter, there's a possibility that he's mixed with something, so he very well could be 75 lbs. according to that calculator that was posted, off his 4 month weight he should be 60 lbs. there's really no telling until they get there, some pups grow faster than others and have weird growth spurts that can skew the projections. The calculator figures my American Bulldog pup should be between 90-110 lbs (depending on his actual birthdate, he's a rescue so I'm not 100% on it), but I'm doubtful he'll get that big

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    Thanks, everyone! :)

    I've heard the rule of 4 months before. The problem is that he's already doubled his four month weight in just two months, which is why I think the parvo slowed his growth while he was sick and now his body is playing catch-up. That calculator was helpful, though he would indeed be enormous, if that's right! Given the amount of loose skin he still has now, I don't know if I'll be that surprised if he ends up at 65-75. Looks like I might be looking at a very big boy at the end of all this growing! Lol.

    I asked the vet if she thought he might be mixed with anything else and she said that he looks like classic APBT to her and that she didn't see anything else in him. Also, his eyes are green. She said that's trait pretty unique to ABPT and it's recessive, so if he was mixed, it'd be extremely unlikely for him to have green eyes.

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    Friend of mine has a apbt / greyhound mix. She has green eyes, and ended up being a kick $#@! mix..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigOlePits View Post
    Friend of mine has a apbt / greyhound mix. She has green eyes, and ended up being a kick $#@! mix..
    Nice! Honestly, I could care less if he's purebred or mixed. He's a gorgeous, awesome dog. He does look pretty much just like an ABPT, but I guess I'll have to wait and see what he looks like as an adult.

    That's the second apbt/greyhound mix I've heard about in the past few days. Give the stature of both breeds, I'm sure the combo would be gorgeous!

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    What your vet should have told you is that without pedigree from a reputable breeder there is no way to know. No one can look at a dog and say what breed or breeds it is. No one. Someone can give a good guess, but that's about it. And that whole green eyes thing? Total bunk.

    Your pup is cute and will grow to be the size and weight he was meant to be. But, generally, the bully breeds get their height the first year and then they fill out between 2 and 3 if that helps with the guessing.

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