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  1. Dog is allergic to hay and cedar chips. What to do???

    I know this topic has probably been discussed before, if so I'm sorry. My dog is allerigc to hay and possibly cedar chips. He was so itchy that his scratcing has causes staph infection. He is on anit-biotics,omega 3 pills, anti-histamine pills and a medicated shampoo to cure his problem but for now he is being an inside/outside dog. I live in middle tennessee so it doesnt get so cold a dog cant stand it but what is another alternative for bedding for dogs that are prone to allergies

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    Re: Dog is allergic to hay and cedar chips. What to do???

    Straw maybe? Or maybe some kinda of synthetic insulator from Home depot.....

  3. Shredded paper. it is mostly natural, and has decent heat retention. Recycled Shredded Paper for Pet Bedding 20 lbs: Pet Supplies

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    Blankets :) lol.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Blaze N' Pits View Post
    Blankets :) lol.
    Blankets, are bad, dogs rip at the stuffing inside and can really leave the door open for intestinal problems.

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    NOT blankets. mold, holds water and chills the dog, choking hazard..... please no lol

    you could use shredded newspaper, insulate your dog house, or create a heated one.

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    What location for bedding needed are we talking?

    We have covered kennels and inside their igloos they have blankets and it works just fine.
    Not the stuffed blankets... just the $5 throws...they don't get wet, so they don't mold plus we change them every 2wks or so.

  8. Cedar chips are never good. It's the oil that's in them that irritates the dogs and is bad for their respiratory system. Try pine chips. Never use hay, use straw.

    I agree with the never use blankets too.

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    I agree with Boogie. Never use Hay. Hay is for Livestock! LOL

    Use Straw. It has more pockets to hold heat and doesn't break down as easy. :D And keeps the dog houses very very well insulated.

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    I would never use pine, but that is because of owning rats, it has oils too that are really bad, I would go with straw

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    Hay is bad for bedding for any animal if the hay can become wet by rain, urine, etc. because it molds so easily. That's why most people choose straw for their chickens.

    Each dog is different but one of our dogs had a MAJOR issue with pine oil after being told to use Nu-Stock for her hair loss.
    It made her extremely red and she lost way more hair. I was pissed and it was the worst advice I've ever taken from this site lmao. She also showed issues to a cedar filled dog bed we had. But she does fine with a cedar based spray we got from Epi-pet... not sure what the difference is.

    And on the blanket topic:
    If your dog is a blanket ripper/chewer or the blanket could become wet... then don't use them. Be smart and don't chose a stuffed comforter... use a cheap throw if you're going to at all.
    Our 3 dogs cherish their blankets and know that that's what they get so don't $#@! them up lol.
    We also chose blankets/throws because 2 out of our 3 have allergies and we aren't sure to what but cotton isn't one of them.... There aren't really too many options of bedding that you can wash with hypo-allergenic cleanser and I already know newspaper would be spread all over their kennels and would eventually become wet. I know that bedding gets dragged out of their igloos and it's very simple to toss a blanket/throw back in.

    You could also get your dog a sweater to stop contact allergens, to help keep your dog warm and so your dog doesn't tear himself up as bad if he does scratch and you aren't there to stop him.

  12. Thanks to all the information I think i will try the shredded paper if that dont work i will take my chances with straw

  13. I've used hay and straw in the past and present. The only benefit of straw is that it's cheaper and you dont have to fluff it up regularly. All them can get wet and grow mold regardless of what you use. The shredded paper is good, but again can get wet and hold moisture.

    Ive used hay and liked it, but it was expensive to change weekly. This year I'm using straw because of that. I keep cedar shavings at the door entrance to catch all the water that comes into the doghouse and then straw for the remainder of the dog bedding.

    Another alternative for you to use is a hound heater. I've had mine for 5 years now and it still works. I haven't had th e need to use it yet this year though. I will only turn it on when it drops down to the single digits and it only cost fractions of pennies to my heating bill. It really heats up that house though lol. The reviews on that thing are not forged. They are the truth lol.

  14. I actually meant pine shavings. Paper seems less hypoallergenic though for you.

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    I have a dog allergic to straw, I use pine shavings.

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    My only issues with paper is it packs down too easy, and I don't think it hold heat as well at straw.

    Pine, Cedar, and simular woods can and do irritate skin and respiratory systems. Straw is what I'd use. And as with any bedding, it will get wet if you don't take precautions, but straw seems to hold heat better than most beddings, I kept a blanket with the straw because my dogs liked to crawl under the blanket too.

    What kind of set ups are you keeping the dog's in? Personally, I like having a dog house inside of a bigger structure, like a small shed. OR building a 'porch' off of the front of the dog house that is covered so the dog won't be dragging wet bedding in and out so much. It also makes for a better wind breaker.

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