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Thread: Parvo Symptoms

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    Parvo Symptoms

    Hi all thought i'd ask if anyone had any similar experience.

    Basically on sunday 13/07/2008 around 4pm found my dog chewing on bread that some idiot has thrown out of his window and was advise once not to feed them bread as it makes their belly bloat.

    took him for a walk at 5pm and after him doing his business he laid down and started chewing on Gr$#@!. found that odd so picked him up and took him home. at 6.30 pm found him vomiting out the bread he ate earlier. had normal faeces wen i took him for his walk at 9(was drinkin and eatin fine)

    6.30am took on checkin up on him found that he was vomitting and also had a very runny diarreah. took him for a walk and he wouldn't get up to go. so carried him to the gr$#@! area he then urinated (very stinky and strong yellow urine) but when we came home he munched away at his food and went back to his bed ( which i cleaned with bleach while he was eating.)

    had to go to work (8-2pm) at 3pm and on observing him he seemed very low and didn't want to go out and had a runny faeces again. Called my local vet and they told me to try boiled rice and chicken which could help. and even then he'd turn his head and wouldn't eat it but was drinkin fluids.

    (his walks and my timimg of taking him for a walk is consistant.) noticed today he had vomited and had a very pale look so cancelled work and took him to an Animal hospital. They first sed his lacking oxygen and immediatly put him on oxygen, IV drip, antibiotics. and admitted him for the night :(

    When to check up on his health around 3pm and was told if i want to continue his treatment there as charges we're now 180. So asked about otions available and was pointed towards RSPCA. (they still had not done x-ray or blood test as they felt it's be best for RSPCA to do it as his being transfered their. so took him to RSPCA animal hospital and provided them with the discharge info from previous hospital and they admitted him straight away. Parvo test came back normal also X-ray showed there was no abnormality but they still claim it could still be Parvo.

    I'm very worried as i've heard in the past dogs die from parvo and theirs no cure but they can only support his health i.e. rehydrating him. I just hope i don't have to make a decision in putting him down.

    His still there and they told me his still poorly. has anyone had this experiece and had their pup back safe and sound?

    thank you for passing through please do leave your comments to let me know of your opionion.



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    How old is your pup and how many parvo vaccines has he received?

    It is true, there is no cure for parvo, only supportive care, like any other virus. It sounds like parvo but could be a number of other things. We had a dog in the clinic a few years ago that we were certain had parvo but the tests kept coming back negative. Normal supportive care got him through.

    The whole bread thing may be coincidental. Maybe there was something on it that made him sick. Or maybe he was already sick when he ate it and it just so happens that the symptoms began after he ate it.

    Now, it's hard to say whether he's going to pull through or not but I'll tell you that about 80% of pups that we hospitalize for parvo make it through ok.

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    I had 6 pit bull puppies that contacted Parvo from a new owner that we was giving one to. Two ended up dying and four survived. They got it at 10 weeks of age.

    They started with vomiting and lose stools. Also noticed that they seemed to lay around a lot more and did not want to play. The key is to keep them hydrated as much as possible.

    Be careful, I had a vet that did not want to help treat them because they were pits. I found one that was really good and I took the dogs there everyday for injections and fluids under the skin and they came home every day afterwords so I could give them all the attention and love that they needed.

    Lola is mine now and she is doing great. She and the other 3 made full recoveries.

    Good Luck!

  4. have your vet run a fecal exam. most places charge 20-40 dollars for a broad fecal exam, and about 60-80 for a parvo exam. my boy got sick with all the symptoms of parvo at 9months and it turned out to be giardia which has all the same symptoms. good luck and hope he gets better

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    Plus, if you think it's Parvo, use your nose, Parvo smells like nothing else, kind of like a sickly sweet, chemical smell, you'll know it instantly if you get a whiff of it.

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    Thank You All For Your Help!

    Coco pulled through and is healther then when i first got him. More active, Eating well and very quick responses.

    RSPCA took him in with out a question they classed him as a Staffordshire Cross Pharoah's Hound :) also got them to microchip him and I don't know weather the previous owner had him vaccinated so starting from scratch and was told to go back in 5 days once his anti-biotics are finished they gave me Synulox 250mg Apetitoso.

    His a pic of him Thank you all!

    For anyone else reference:
    Private vet for 1 night cost me 180
    Rspca for 5 days cos me 90
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  7. glad to hear he is doing better, yea private vets are more expensive. good lookin dog

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    Glad to hear he pulled through! :)

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