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  1. Is ReIntroduction after a fight possible and when?

    Hi, I'm new to this site and have a 2yr old female pit bull, a 4yr old male pit and a 9yr old husky/chow mix. All our rescues that I adopted when they were between 3-6 months. My two males got into a very bad fight last week, initiated by my husky/chow. It was a 'redirected aggression' over a cat on the other side of their fence - they were playing before the cat came by. My pit bull was not hurt badly but my husky/chow was in the vet for 2 days and nights - it was not life threatening but the worst was where my pit would not let go of his ear. I am currently doing a kennel rotate - letting the pits out together to play and hang out, then giving them some kennel time while I let the other out.

    The two main reasons I'm separating them is that my husky/chow has his head all bandaged and that needs to heal and I'm concerned about reintroducing them. Their kennels are close to each other and they seem fine but a few times I caught my male pit just staring into my husky's kennel and the older dog started growling. I am working on getting my old trainer here to see if and when and how to reintroduce but I would really like some advice. Thank you.

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    If they were my dogs I would not reintroduce, it's not worth another trip to the vet. Crate and rotate, better to be safe than sorry. If the only time anything ever happened was during the cat incident then it MIGHT be ok as long as they aren't both out with anything high value around to get them too amped up, but with the staring and growling happening at other times, no way.

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    I wouldn't risk it. Your 9 year old dog shouldn't be put at risk whether he starts the fights or not its clear your bully will finish them.

    Training is never a bad thing, always working towards increasing thresholds, improving focus cues, reinforcing default avoidance behaviours etc can help in managing, but at this point, I would not even be thinking about re-introducing, just focusing on getting the husky mix better and training each individual separately so as to better manage the situation! :)

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    After seeing a "very bad fight" break out, all the more I wouldn't even consider it. People who keep trying, end up playing with fire and it will only be a matter of time, before you end up with a critically injured dog or, a dead one. I'd just crate and rotate to prevent any further serious incidents therefore and always, keep them separated from here on out, no matter what.

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    Also forgot to mention, you need some breaksticks! :)

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    Re: Is ReIntroduction after a fight possible and when?

    We tried with our two neutered males the other day. It almost didn't end well. Thankfully this isn't our first go at this type of stuff and we were able to break a fight up before it even started. We won't be attempting it again and it would be a good idea if you don't either. I would definitely crate and rotate like sunvalley said. You really need to know a lot about body language and your dogs personalities to attempt it again. Chances are its going to turn out the same way.

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  7. Yeah it's possible............if you want another fight lol

  8. Thank you all so much. Your responses were pretty much what I had been thinking. I guess I was just hoping that maybe I could resolve this. I figured maybe the the dogs didn't understand why they couldn't be together and why they were looking at my husky mix through the kennel and he probably felt threatened being in there.

    I actually have talked with some rescues and have my husky mix listed for adoption - I think he would do great as an only dog with a quiet family. In the meantime, or if that doesn't end up happening, would you recommend that I move my husky's kennel away from the other two? The three are right next to each other.

    And - should I be extra cautious with my male and female pit playing together? They can get pretty wild with each other at times and I settle them down pretty quickly but they always seem to just be having fun. My 2yr old female is VERY playful but submissive as well.

    Thanks again - I really appreciate everyone's advice.

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