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  1. How to teach 2 year old Dog to sit on command?

    I have a 2 year old AmBully. She listens to everything I say like: NO! Stay! Come on!

    The only command she will not listen to or obey is Sit!

    Today is only 2nd day of adoption and she is still adjusting but she loves the entire household and loves to be scratched and our attention.

    I tried holding a treat above her nose and slowly moving on top of her head but she only walks backwards. Also tried putting her in cornered area doing same and she just looks at me or the treat in my hand.

    What is another method I can try? I dont want to force her to sit by pushing her to sit. I tried once just to see if she sits and no!

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    Re: How to teach 2 year old Dog to sit on command?

    Let her settle in for a couple weeks before trying to hammer in commands. She needs a adjustment time to get use to everything. She is probably overwhelmed.

    Once she has been there for a couple weeks, try again. I always use the butt pushing method. Once the butt is on the floor, I say sit and give a treat. It has worked for me.

    Different dogs learn stuff in different ways. Just be patient and consistent

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    You can teach by capturing the sit.

    Wait for her to sit on her own; click treat and praise. When the dog figures out what he is doing that's getting him the reward and starts consistently offering the behavior; add the command.

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    We've always used the give the command and then gently push the butt down on the floor and treat immediately method. Then after they get the idea to sit, have them sit a few more seconds and longer etc, then sit and stay. It's always worked for us. But I agree that I would wait a while to really teach her to learn new commands. I would give her a couple weeks to settle in and get to know you better. Sounds like she has enough basic commands to get by for a while. Thanks for adopting a grown dog, that is a wonderful thing to do and I'm sure she will be a great girl.

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    Once she's settled, I'd go for shaping, as Jazzy suggested, or, instead of pushing her butt down, tell her sit and then take your arm and place it around her butt, below the tail and above the hock (where the leg bends). Gently push forward and she will naturally have to sit down. Hold her collar or have a leash on her so she can't go forward and then click/treat when she sits.

    She'll figure it out - she seems like a smart girl!

  6. I agree with everyone else just give some time to settle in, it's only her second day. I use the treat over the head and moved back.

  7. Thanks all! Im sure you are all right about settling in. She has had a rough couple days. New home & master, and 2 shots.

    She is scared a little but I am doing my best to keep her happy and earn her trust.

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