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  1. all dogs nails redish brownish?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone new why my dogs nails are reddish brownish close to the nail bed. I know she had a food allergy we were feeding her blue buffalo but we had to switch to wellness simple she got this color before we switched food but she seems to be licking her paws alot?

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    The redness is caused by the licking, so no, they shouldn't be that way. She may have a yeast or bacterial infection on her feet, which if that was the case she'd need antibiotics for. I just went through 3wks. of meds. for my girl, her nails are now back to their normal clear color!

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    Got any pix for comparison, Kady? Ruby's black nails have a red/brown stripe and (she has only 1 white toe) her light brown (not white) nails have the red at the base. They have always been this way and don't seem to change and we've never had any yeast or other reactions/episodes. She does not lick her feet much, either. I've always been curious about this but we have no frito feet here...

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    are yours like Goren's? His has the strip also, his nails are red/brown, you can see them in this photo, he has some that are white

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