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    Pit Bull Fighting for Life after Rattlesnake Bite

    A pit bull is fighting for his life, after being bitten by a rattlesnake in the Bronx Tuesday.

    Miguel Mota, the dog's owner, was walking the male pit bull, named "Stone," in a public park near the Bronx Zoo at Boston Road and Bronx Park East when the dog went into the bushes and yelped.

    When he came out of the bushes, he was bleeding, and Mota rushed Stone to the Bronx Zoo - and then to several vet hospitals that couldn't deal with a snake bite until he got to the NYC Veterinary Specialists at 55th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan.

    Dr. Ben Davidson diagnosed the wounds and bites from a rattlesnake, and immediately gave the dog anti-venom - in an effort to save its life.

    The dog is still being treated - but will need much more anti-venom, something that is in very short supply in New York. Mota says he can't afford the $4,000 bill racked up so far, and so for now the doctors are paying out of their own pockets.

    Mota says he knew it was a rattlesnake, because he saw one on the Discovery Channel, and it's still out there somewhere near the Bronx Zoo.

    He says he fears if a child were to have been near the area and gotten bitten.

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    ummm...what?!?! The Bronx Zoo didn't have anti-venin??!! Note to self: don't ever work for the Bronx Zoo.
    I'm also a little surprised to hear there was a Crotalus wandering around the Bronx. Anti venin is a tweaky thing! Wrong A/V means it won't work and the article doesn't say if he actually saw the snake and was able to ID the species.
    Wonderful docs to foot the bill and I'm glad he finally found someone to treat his pupper.

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    Praying for the puppy!!!

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    yea i hope the pit makes it out ok and pretty nice to see the doctors paying for the bill with their own money

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    A rattler in NY? Are you kidding? ALIVE?, JUST following a winter?

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    What the ****?! I thought I'd heard everything but this one tops it. A rattler in the Bronx, is this guy on the up and up or did he have the snake as a pet, it bit the dog, and he's saying it coincidentally got bit outside the Bronx Zoo? Sorry for my skepticism, I'm a New Yorker!

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    There are absolutely Crotalus horridus in NY, but it is VERY strange that one would show up in a heavily populated are. You may be on to something with the dog being bitten by a captive animal.

    Nothing strange about finding a snake following winter (though it IS the middle of July) Snakes don't die off in winter, they brumate ;)

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    That happened to a Boston Terrier that lives next to me! He got bit in the face. The owners were broke and the vet didn't have antivenom so they just gave it benadryl and prayed. He was ok!

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    I live in South Arkansas and snakes are a part of everyday life. I have had dogs bitten by snakes with no ill effect. Betty my oldest has been bitten twice snakes once by a copper head on the foot and another time on the face by something BIG. Both times she just wanted to go inside and lay down. No ill effects. I'm at a loss about this because I was under the impression that snake bites weren't that harmful to dogs. Am I wrong about this?

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    There are VERY few animals immune to neuro, hemo, and citotoxins. Dogs are absolutely affected by them, but it tends to not be as severe as it is in humans. They metabolize the proteins differently than we do.

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