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  1. Dogs nails are turning black, what could cause this?

    My dogs nails are turning black/dark brown. Its starting from the root and moving down. Its on all of them, at first I noticed it on just a few and then I looked and saw it everywhere. The only reasonable explanation I could come up with is his change in diet. My buddy that I got him from used to feed him purina and other crap dog foods. Now I feed him mainly raw meat with some dog food. Maybe going from a crap diet to a high protein, nutritional diet is causing this? It doesn't seem to bother him. I do know that if you change a humans diet to a good one it can cause changes sort of like this. Some input would be nice, if its something I should take him to the vet to get checked out, let me know please and thank you.

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    The nails are changing color or is it something that if you were to take one of your own nails you would be able to scrape the color off?

  3. The nails are changing color themselves. I tried scraping it off, at first it was just the base of the nail and now it is moving throughout the entire nail. I read somewhere that it could be a yeast infection, but he is on grain free food and hasn't had a yeast infection since I've changed his diet significantly. He use to have horrible skin issues, hair lose, itching, sores, and that nasty smell. The vet said she has done test for yeast infections and checked him over and says he is good.

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    Dogs nails are turning black, what could cause this?

    Maybe a fungus?

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    Do they look like in this picture of my girl from last year? She's got a bit of nail polish on the ends, but you can see closer to her foot where the nail is dark brown. You can also see where her pads are a similar colour. Hers was still related to her allergies. Whether it was yeast or not, I'm not sure, but it's cleared up on it's own and never seemed to bother her all that much.

    And here she is a couple of months ago with her nails and feet looking pretty well normal now.

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