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  1. Pit bull friendly rentals in S.F/Bay area?

    Hello fellow APBT owners, I am possibly moving the San Francisco Area/Bay Area and looking for specific rental properties/agencies that allow the breed. Everything I've seen thus far has been tips and suggestions on how to get into a place, but what are the names of these properties. I've gone to many websites, but the ones I've found say, no weight limit but breed restrictions applied. I have searched the Oakland area, but I want to know places in S.F. Does anyone have a name of a property owner/landlord that can be flexible? I'm getting the job next week and need some connections fast.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


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    best bet would be a private renter

  3. yes. A private renter is the only way to rent with a pit bull in the bay area. We rented both a house and an apartment before we purchased our house and both were simply families who owned a rental property.

    Crete a pet resume and be very proactive and on top of your game. Good rentals move fast here and the process is competitive.

    IF you want to live in SF, you'll be paying quite a lot for a place to live. Depending on your commute, the east bay could be a much better choice. B ut then again, I've always lived in the east bay.

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    go to the North Bay

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    Have you tried to contact ? They are a huge ABPT place that is based out of SanFran/Oakland area. Maybe they can help?

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    When I rented I just offered double the security deposit... That solved the problem even in a NO pet rental home.

  7. oh and please be aware of traffic times. If you aren't from another major metropolitan area known for awful traffic, it can be a total shock.

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