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    Does your dogs snoring ever keep you up?

    So I will admit I am not that light of a sleeper. I've slept through tornadoes, hurricanes, particularly bad electrical storms without even waking for a moment. But when it comes to this dog, well that is a different story. Okay so I swear my dog snores louder than a drunken sailor. I'm currently sitting in our living room which is in the front of the house and she is in the far back bedroom, snoring away. I swear she could wake the dead. There have been times I've had to kick her out of the bedroom but when we do that she seems to snore even louder and wakes the whole house. Last night she got particularly bad and had us all awake so we actually had to wake her up. Which worked until we had all finally dozed back off to sleep. And now here in the morning she is still snoring away and it echos through the whole house. LOL

    Anyone else share a home with a particularly bad snoring animal? What are things you have done to cope? What are your worst dog snoring stories?

    (Obviously its not that big of a deal to me because if it was I would have kicked her out of the bedroom years ago. Thought it was kind of funny she snores so bad and wanted to know if others had a dog that snores this bad)

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    Sugar doesn't snore too badly, especially when compared to my husband. However, she always seems to insist on snoring when she's cuddling with me on the couch! Having her head in my ear with her snoring away drives me nuts. It's tough to ignore it, but I try my best. Usually after about 20 minutes of it, I kick her off of me.

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    My husband is a particularly bad snoring animal, lol. So is Ike. If the two of them get going at the same time I just give up and move to the couch in the basement. If it's just Ike I kick him out of the bedroom. Once the noise has moved to another room it's low enough that I can tune it out as long as the fan is on in my room to help.

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    I usually have my humidifier running so the noise from that kind of overpowers her snoring. Heck it may help her snoring. lol. I don't know. I just can't believe such loud noise can come from such a small animal. LOL.

    Last night at first I blamed my husband for the snoring before realizing it was the dog. LOL

    MJJean: Wish I had a basement.
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    Lol yes my dog not only snores, but he also "runs" in his sleep and moves around. So I'm dealing with his snoring and his kicking, but its okay. I love him to death :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigglymonkey12 View Post
    Lol yes my dog not only snores, but he also "runs" in his sleep and moves around. So I'm dealing with his snoring and his kicking, but its okay. I love him to death :)
    Thankfully I don't have to deal with her kicking us. She sleeps in her own dog bed. I now enforce a "No dogs in the beds" rule. But I did have a dog years ago that did sleep in my bed that would not only snore but bark, growl, and howl, and scratch in his sleep. Not a fun dog to share a bed with.

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    I am working on no dogs in bed. Not going so well. Ike and Rita get free roam, the younger two are crated. I put the dogs out of the bedroom and close the door. I go to sleep. Comfortable, no less. Then DH get up to pee sometime in the middle of the night and leaves the bedroom door open. Ike and/or Rita wander in and climb into bed with us. I wake up stiff and sore due to being pinned in one position too long.

    I keep telling DH to for the love of all that is good and right in the world please close the bedroom door, but he is not actually awake and thinking when he does it so he will forget.

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    I'm thankful that our bed is so high up and she is so unsure about trying to get up there. She won't try to jump up, she is too scared to. Our poodle though he would jump up without thinking about it. He did sleep with us until the day he died and then that was it for the dogs in bed thing, I decided after he passed that there would be no more dogs in the bed. We tried to enforce it so many times but he knew how to break out of his crate, he knew how to get over the gate, and he always ended up back in our bed and then he would make so much of a fuss if we tried to put him back. We just decided it wasn't worth it. I mean he didn't take up much room and curled up in a ball at the very end of the bed. But we've been dog free in bed for 2 years and love not waking up stiff and sore. She is still allowed on the furniture but we just recently had to make it an official rule about the beds because my daughter keeps trying to take her to bed.

    I imagine though with the next small breed puppy that rule might go out the window, we will see though.
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    Peanut doesn't snore all that loud. She does snore but most nights she is in her crate downstairs and we only hear her if she barks. Every now and then I'll let her sleep in our bedroom and she is silent all night. No snoring at all. She is so quiet she has startled DH when he gets up in the morning and she pops up to greet him (she sleeps next to the bed)

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    Jack snores like a freight train is barreling down on my ear drums!

    I sleep with 4 dogs in the bed, 5th in the crate (open) cause he likes a den and 1 cat. And only Jack snores. Even Rocky being a French Bulldog, doesn't snore, but the little Boston snores loud enough for an army! Sometimes I just shake him awake hoping I can go to sleep before he falls back asleep, but is doesn't always work! I'm getting used to it, but at first it drove me totally nuts. Casper is blessed being deaf, he sleeps through anything!

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    Skye snores alot, but it doesnt bother me or wake me up, Midnight does not snore but he sure does dream alot, and thats what wakes me up. You can tell he is running in his dream because his legs are going at it and he kinda howls/barks at the same time.

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    None of my current dogs snore. Gypsy was a terrible snorer. She would saw logs all night. It was kind of my lullaby. When she died, it was one of the things I missed the most. I didn't sleep well for a long, long time because of the silence.

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