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    Do you Walk and How often?

    I know alot of members here have yards and are able to let their dogs run in a fenced in area but for those of you that walk your dogs on a leash, how often do you walk then (times per day) and for how long? It seems to me that w/e I have spare time in the day I will ask Barney if he'd like to go for a walk, ask him to sit while he gets his leash on and then off we go for about a 5 min walk/run about the property. Also, several times a day he will come in the computer room or up to me in general asking to go for a walk. I think our slowest day we've gone for about 5 5min walks and have gone up to about 9 3-6 min walks/runs before. I have to laugh, b/c I dont' think my hubby is accustomed to a dog wanting out just for the sake of being out and each time Barney comes back from enjoying a nice All-Around-The-Yard walk w/ my husband and feels accomplished, my hubby (on the other hand) has a dissapointed and shocked look on his face and says: "you wouldn't believe, he walked all over hell for 15 straight mins and made No intention to even Pee~!!" lol:p

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    Well, since I don't drive, I already have to walk everywhere which unfortunately doesn't leave me as much time for dog walking as I like. When Daemon's dad was alive, we walked everywhere with the dogs, and one of us would stay with them while the other one went into the store, but I won't leave them unattended in public so they have to stay at home if we are doing errands unfortunately. In the summer, on days I don't have to walk anywhere for errands I take one of the dogs out for a good hour or longer walk. I have seven dogs here though so again, way less walking time than I'd like to get in for them. I do have a huge yard and treadmill though so they all get out and get excercise every day, playing fetch, spring pole, etc...

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    Well, Jesse I don't walk. He spends most of his day outside in the yard (he's on an invisible fence). Indy I take for one walk a day right now, we walk most of my neighborhood, about a 20 min walk. But she also plays with me, wrestles with Jesse sometimes when we go out...or when he comes inside, or chases the cats lol. When she gets older I'll take her for longer walks, and probably have to take her to a local nature park to walk her so she can get a good long walk in, just because our neighborhood is small, and I dont want to walk on a major road.

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    My yard is not big enough for Macho to not get bored in...QUICKLY. I take him for an 1 1/2 hour walk every day where I live. I walk 30 minutes to the lake, spend 30 minutes throwing the frisbee in the water and letting him swim to fetch it, and then 30 minutes back. It helps keep him stimulated and worn out.... A tired dog is a good dog ;)

  5. Xen and I do at least something everyday. When we're at my house, there is only the unfenced front yard, but I won't let her out offleash in it(granted, we live in a cul de sac, but still.) So, we either take a long walk(about 5 miles,) or we walk literally 3 minutes to get to the deserted, fenced baseball field and play fetch for about 20 minutes - half an hour, depending on how hot it is. Much more than that, and she deflates. If it's a fetch day, we go twice a day, sometimes 3.

    When we are at the SO's house, the walks are less frequent because there is a big yard there. We get to play, and do the fetch thing.

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    I walk my dog 3 times a week for about 30 minutes. He is still a puppy, so nothing too harsh for him.

    When he is a bit older, I am gonna get one of those bike springers so that we can go further and faster...

    Like ad_shannon said; A tired dog is a good dog...;)

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    huskylove Guest
    All four dogs get walked together every single day for an hour straight, no stops, no socializing, no sniffin' every blade of gr$#@! :), and I do have a fenced in yard. It's important to walk a dog even if your yard is fenced in, it gives them the structured exercise they truly need, a dog who is walked hard right next to you has to use his brain, which will tire them out much faster than just physical exercise.

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    I walk my boys for about 2 miles everyday. They need it! If I don't walk them (for example Tyi the rotty wont go out in the rain!) they drive me mad! We live out in the middle of nowhere so we have a lot of countryside to walk in, unfortuantly the fields are full of sheep and farmers will shoot any dog off the lead in his field. So they have to be kept on their leads. Understandable really I s'pose. But still frustrating when they could run for miles!
    Sam x

  9. I try to walk my dog for about 1 1/2 hours each day. Not always successful but usually no less than 6 days a week.

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    I walk Diesel every evening for 4-5 miles thru the park/zoo. He also comes to work with me in the morning and we meet up with 3-5 other dogs for about 1 hour of off the leash exercise. I also take him swimming 1-2 times a week in the Guadalupe River (2 hours average).

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    George Guest
    I do a mix. I try to walk them at least once a day. It consist of a 2 mile walk.
    I also let them run is a fenced in field that is a baseball field in the evenings when noone is around.

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    two thirty minute walks daily, with shorter potty break type walks in between and after. That is full time, in the spring, summer, fall, he gets extra walks and tons of trips to the park that no one else goes to as well, not to mention trips to the lake, my parents house or camping.

  13. I walk my dogs at least five times a week. Three days, they each get walked 1.36 miles, and two days we go on the Mountain hike, which I believe might be around 2.5 miles. I currently walk them two at a time, but might have to stop doing that soon, but always carry my break stick for those "Just in Case" moments (so far, so good).

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    I try to take at least a walk a day, taking a different dog each day depending on what their recent exercise schedule was. Swimming is a big form of exercise here.. we have access to a creek, pool, and lake and make good use of them!

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    Well I have the laziest dogs on Earth.

    I only walk Ninja a few times a week for NO MORE than 30 min (other than that he lays down and tries to sleep, I have the pictures to prove it) and we don't walk AT ALL when it gets above 90F (it's been over 100 all week) because he overheats too quickly. He prefers to sit in front of a fan and nap, all day. I try to walk him early or late in the day, but it usually doesn't work out with our schedule as it is currently. He does enjoy a good car ride though, and he'll do okay doing to obedience cl$#@! for the first 30-45 min. He just seems to love napping. We even took him to several vets to make sure he wasn't sick (the shelter labeled him "high energy" so boy, were we surprised!), but he's fine. Just lazy.

    Tusk doesn't fare well in the heat either (he's just a puppy), but when it's cooler, we walk for 30 min every day. After that he's usually exhausted.

    We also take both of them to the farmer's market each Saturday (when the weather cooperates) and that's about an hour of walking (we usually have to carry Ninja back, the spoiled brat). And afterward they BOTH sleep for the rest of the day (except when we wake them up for a bathroom trip).

    We don't have any kind of fenced yard. They play in the house or we walk on a leash.

    Again, laziest. Dogs. Ever.

    I wish my boys would ask for a walk every now and then!!!

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