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  1. Ivomec and dilated pupils?

    I noticed Daisys pupils were dilated this evening. Just checked them again and they are still dilated and they don't react to light they just stay large. I read somewhere it could be a reaction to Ivomec. Can't call vet until tomorrow and I think this is his weekend off. Is she reacting to the ivomec? Do I hold it until Monday if our vet is unavailable? Anyone have this happen? She isn't taking any other meds but the Ivomec at this time either.

    Thanks for your responses.

  2. i just looked at my dogs eyes and they are dilated too. you can take your dog into the emergency vet room. there has to be a location for that somewhere by you, but i think you just have the ivermectin jitter bug. you should wait it off if you ask me lol. if your dog is not falling over or drooling i think he should be fine.

    it seems like you have a lot of worrying with this product. its the best to use on mange. if you dont trust it ask for the other meds they offer for it.

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