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    Post any tips on how to disinfect after coccidia?

    I'm seeking tips on how to disinfect indoor puppy sleeping areas and outdoor/gr$#@! play areas,after learning Kane has coccidia i have read in other posts that the outdoors yard areas can be bleached or disinfected and i'm wondering if someone knows exactly what can be used.also,i've read that ammonia based cleaners will work to disinfect the indoor areas(linoleum flooring) does anyone happen to know what brand will be suitable for this..since i don't won't to expose him to harmful chemicals but do want to ensure that the areas he will be sleeping and playing in are disinfected and safe. Any tips that you can provide will be greatly appreciated,newpupmama

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    I think that the things that are more important than the disinfectant that you use are:

    Diagnosing and treating all dogs (yes even the ones that didn't test positive especially when adults and pups are in close contact) the first time (I know you've checked that block, but I mention for general reference)

    bathing the dogs with shampoo to remove all unseen fecal matter

    cleaning all sleeping and living areas with disinfectant and allowing them th dry for more than 48 hrs. (like a crate or kennel) promptly removing and disinfecting any fecal matter them whole also have to control contact (seperate a litter if that applies) and control flies...

    Also I'd retreat about a week after the initial does ( I $#@!umw albon x 5 days) and make sure I get another fecal done.

    any quatarany ammonia based disinfectant is fine just rinse with water, disinfect, rinse with water again, and thoroughly dry.

    Also the vet techs will help you out further, but three recommended (I've learned Albon mind you) are:

    Sulfadimethoxine (Albon- you can also treat with albon in the water at a different concentration. Alot of hunters and peoples with yards do this, but consult your vet for the right dosage) is considered the best treatment for most animals with coccidia and should be administered at 50 mg/kg orally the first day and then 25 mg/kg orally per day for 21 days. (2) The cost is about $.05 per day for a two-pound kitten.

    Trimethoprim-sulfa is another option and should be administered at 30-60 mg/kg/day for 10 days. (3) The cost is about $.03 per day for a two-pound kitten.

    Amprolium (Corid) is available as a 9.6% solution and a 20% powder. Cats must receive it directly at 60 to 100 mg daily for seven days. The treatment can be given to dogs in a number of ways: The 9.6% solution can be added to water at a rate of 30 ml/gallon of water; this solution is used as the sole source of drinking water for the dog(s) for 10 days. Or, the 20% powder can be added to food at the rate of 250 to 300 mg total dose per dog once a day for seven to twelve days. (4) Neither the powder nor the solution is especially palatable, so administration can be difficult. The cost is about $.02 per day for a two-pound kitten.
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    thank you for all the helpful information,npm

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