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  1. Throwing up after a run

    I took Simba for his first run today and midway through, maybe 1.5-2 miles into the run, he threw up. This was the first time I saw him throw up. Has this ever happen to anyone before? I called his vet shortly after and was reassured that he was probably was just tired and not used to it.

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    Simba resting up post-run

  2. I'd say 1.5 - 2 miles for a first time run is a little much for most and Simba doesn't look to be in "runner's" shape from the pic. Just being honest. Maybe back down a bit until Simba shapes up and gets used to it. You'd do the same thing if you ran until you heaved.

    Always glad to see folks out doing things and exercising with their dogs. Mason and I exercise walk at a very brisk pace every day (I let Mason pull too) and don't see many folks exercising their dogs at all. In fact all we see are folks walking their pets to relieve, not exercise. Keep it up. Good on both of ya. Good Luck !!!

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    You probably don't want the dog recently fed when you take them for a run. Drinking right before it would probably not be OK either.
    Temperature outside, his age, what he is used to... I would definitely not recommend to run a dog 1.5 - 2 miles without working up to it. I am pretty sure that your first time running wasn't quite that far, either. And it probably wasn't at the speed you are running today.
    Yup.. definitely would recommend using common sense and not giving your dog a heatstroke right from the get go. How far would you normally walk him? And at what pace?

  4. We would do 3-4 mile hikes every week. We live close by to a lot of great trails so I try to take Simba on hikes as often as possible. I definitely did not think the run would be too much for him considering the pace we were going at was at most a trot for him. The weather was also really nice and breezy, not at all comparable to typical humid, summer days.

    The funny thing is once he was done resting and we were walking back to the car, another runner and his dog p$#@! us on the trail and Simba immediately took interest and wanted to run along with them lol

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    You always need to gradually work your dog up in EVERY single exercise/work out to truly see the best performances/results, without ruining your dog in the process. Some dogs do get winded quickly also, which is why, knowing your dog and it's limits need to be spot on when you want to work them.
    I use to think the same thing myself, my girl can really perform in this and that, so that shouldn't be a problem for her at all. Well, if it's something they are not accustomed to and are asked to go for a certain amount of time or distance, you'll see how much they're able to handle naturally, before they begin showing their limit at first. Different workouts work different things, he may be stronger in one thing over the other, but they can always be gradually worked up to reach their full potential without, overdoing themselves like this.

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    In addition, don't feed your dog for several hours before exercise, and don't allow excessive amounts of water before OR immediately after exercise... After exercise, provide a small amount of water every 10-15 minutes or until he stops panting. If you just give him a big bowl and let him drink his fill, he'll throw that up too.

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    If midway through your run it was 1.5- 2 miles then you were expecting your dog to run non-stop up to four miles as a first run? That is asking way too much of the dog IMO, and looking at your dog in the picture he definately doesn't look in shape for that yet, no offence to your handsome man...

    Like others have said, go slow. No feeding for hours before any heavy activity and work up to distances with your dog...and consider the heat as well. It's great that you are exercising him (and you!), but him vomitting is a sure sign that it was overdoing it, just like your vet said.

  8. you have to understand your dogs body. you should also only feed 1 time a day if your working your dog. feeding a dog hours before a work out and then expecting them to work out is wrong. i dont care if you feed the dog 10 hours earlier, its wrong.. you can mess your dog up bad like that. with my dogs i have there digestive systems figured out down to the last bowl movement of the day. at the moment im feeding at 9pm since its been hot. i feed them late because now i have to wait for the sun to cool off to exercise them good. after there exercise its then time to eat. you feed after the work out. they shoudnt even have any water in the stomachs while running NONE! That too can mess a dog up BAD! drop your dog down to only one meal a day and thats after the workout. not only will the dog have better workouts but you will also be saving yourself from going to the vet from internal injuries done by yourself. i dont really see the miles too harsh, but i will agree for the first time running 1.5-2miles may be a bit rough. you should walk him that far first then build the runs up to meet that distance then keep building up the walks and the runs to a set point. the most important thing you should get out of this is too make sure your dog is empty of $#@! and piss. walk the dog out until you see no more piss and you know he has taken his last $#@! then begin the run. figure out your dogs bowl movements and make sure you know them.

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    How old is your boy?

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