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  1. Frontline Plus causing itching/rash?

    I swear the first dose caused my dog to get a rash and itch like crazy. That caused the first vet trip.
    Well, yesterday was her 2nd dose of frontline plus and she is itching again like mad.
    Yes, she is being treated for demodex but she wasn't acting this itchy until I did her frontline plus yesterday. I'm doing benadryl twice a day to help her.
    Anyone have any side effects like this from their flea/tick preventative?
    Also, what is another good flea or flea/tick preventative that you like?

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    Any topical medication can cause a skin reaction like that. That said, where did you purchase your frontline? If you didn't purchase it at a veterinary clinic, there is a chance that what you thought was frontline, may really just be tubes of alcohol. If you did purchase it at a veterinary clinic, my suggestion for you is to call them and explain to them the situation. You can also contact Merial and ask for a representative, maybe you can get your money back. Merial will only guarantee products purchased from licensed veterinary clinics; if you didn't get it there, you're SOL.

    Regardless, it's probably a good idea to go in to the vet anyway and get it looked at.

    Merial contact information: : Contact Us
    If you require additional information regarding FRONTLINEŽ please call 1-800-660-1842. The hours of operation for FRONTLINEŽ are Monday through Friday from 8 am-7 pm (ET).

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