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  1. Dog throwing up occasionally only at night?

    Hi all,

    A month or so ago our dog Bailey began throwing up in the middle of the night--it would just once and it seemed she was throwing up just kibble. We had recently switched her to Evo and determined it was probably too rich/high protein for her so we took her off and put her back on TOTW and the vomiting stopped. Now about a month later it has happened again- the past two nights she has woken up at around 3:00am and vomited (in our bed-eek!). She seems fine otherwise- high energy, big appetite, drinking and peeing/poo'ing normally. We haven't made any changes to her diet (she has still been on taste of the wild this whole time) so I'm not sure what could have caused this?

    My only guesses are that 1) she has been fed late the past two nights (around 7:00pm) instead of around 4:30 so maybe she didn't digest her food enough before going to bed? and 2) it has been REALLY hot here this week...maybe the heat is causing her to get a little sick?

    I'm not TOO concerned because of how she is acting fine otherwise. She seems perfectly happy. Just curious as to WHY? Has anyone else experienced this? I had her eat chicken/rice this morning to help settle her stomach.

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    Are you feeding her the correct quantity for her size, perhaps she is getting too much?

    I know with EVO the portion size is less then TOTW. I'm weaning mine offf TOTW right now and on EVO....

    Could be the heat.

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    Do you feed once or twice a day? How much are you feeding?

    What recipe of TOTW are you feeding? What recipe of EVO were you feeding?

    This has been going on for a month? How old is the dog? Is she spayed?

    How have her stools been- firm, loose, diarrhea? Frequency of defecation? Any noted constipation?

    Does she have a history of eating strange objects?

    Is she crated when unsupervised? Does she have any bedding in her crate?

    Last question- have you made an appointment with your regular veterinarian? You should ask for a full physical exam, including testing for pancreatitis and abdominal x-rays. A full blood screen (chemistry and CBC at the least)

    I'm not trying to scare you, but one of my close friend's dogs died this weekend. This is someone with multiple dogs, who competes in dog sports, and is well versed in canine care. Her dog was fine one minute and literally dead the next from a perforated bowel and necrotic intenstines due to intestinal blockage. This isn't something to mess with. Take all of the answers to the questions I asked and take them, and your dog, to the vet.

  4. yup crippen went through a faze of rockin up in the night. about 2am and single pukes. i wormed him a few weeks before he should"ve been and he has been fine since. it was of porridge consistancy (puke). i think he must have eaten something on my back garden. again he is fine now.

  5. We feed twice a day, a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening.

    we are feeding her Sierra Mountain Canine Formula TOTW. We had been feeding her Turkey & Chicken small bites with EVO...but she was only on EVO for about a week because of the throwing up. We only switched her to EVO because of the TOTW recall. however, we put her back on TOTW after she had problems with EVO.

    No- it hasn't been going on for a month- she hasn't been throwing up every night for a month. ABOUT a month ago (June 17thish) is when she threw up a few nights in a row while on EVO. She stopped doing this after we switched her back to TOTW, no throwing up at all for about a month until this week when she started throwing up in middle of night again. If it were a blockage, wouldn't she be throwing up the entire duration of the month and throwing up with every meal? She is fine after morning meal, it is the evening meal that is the issue.

    She is 1.5 years old and yes she is spayed. Her stools have been normal- firm and she goes 2 times a day usually. She does not eat strange objects, nor does she have bedding in her crate. We don't crate her but we keep her confined to a certain room when we are gone and don't leave anything out that she could get into.

    We called the vet when this first happened a month ago and he didn't seem too concerned...he wrote us a prescription for a stomach easer and an antacid i think.

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    What is she throwing up?

  7. it appears to be partially digested kibble/mush. A few pieces of gr$#@! were in it yesterday.

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    Well no one here is able to examine your dog or prescribe medication. Like I said, you need to take all of the answers to those questions and go to the vet. Obviously, there is an issue, which could be as simple as she isn't tolerating the food well to as complicated as a blockage or something worse. The reality of the situation is that you need to go to the vet, not an internet forum, for diagnosis and treatment.

    There was a member on this forum whose dog had a blockage. They did not seek treatment immediately. That dog died. If you care about your dog, you'd go to the vet. If my dog puked ever other night, I'd certainly do something about it.

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