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  1. Pulling on his dew claw

    My 8 month old has recently started biting and pulling on his dew claw. I stop him and tell him no whenever I catch him at it but I'm wondering if I need to start thinking about getting it removed or just keep correcting him. I hate the thought of putting him through any surgery he didn't need but I'm scared he's going to eventually pull the whole thing off.

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    Maybe your dog's dewclaw nail is too long and that's why he is biting on it. Because the dewclaw won't wear down as his other nails when going on walks. So if its too long its irritating his paw and he's trying to take measures into his own "hands." Get the dewclaw trimmed as you would all of his other nails. That might help him.

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    I agree.
    First trim the dew claws. A dew claw never touches the ground and can grow right back around into a dogs nail pad or leg! I've seen it happen! :(

    Are they front dews or backs or both? Chewing on only one dew claw or all of em?
    Will he let you handle it?
    If they are the loose, floppy back ones have the vet take them taken off when you neuter.
    If they are the front ones and are not loose and floppy and he still bites them after nail trimming, check really close under a bright light to see if something is wrong. A splinter, foxtail, burr,cut, scrape. He could have caught and sprained or broken it.
    After all this and you turn up nothing, maybe check with a vet.

  4. We do get them trimmed regularly along with his other nails. I don't let him walk on hard surfaces to grind them down that way (it's been far too hot here for his toes) and I did notice it seems to mainly be the front left one. After closer examination it looked a bit red/scratched up to me. I have to keep a closer eye and if I can't figure it out myself I guess vet is our next stop

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