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  1. Presa Canario Vs. Cane Corso

    I've been looking into both of these breeds, and i'm unsure which one i would like more, i'm looking for a dog i can protection train who has a lot of energy and if possible would live longer than most other mastiff type breeds. I want a dog who is enthusiastic about training and is intelligent, as well as a hard worker.
    I'm having a harder time finding info on the Presa than on the cane corso, and i'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with either breed. Or if they could link me to some informational websites,and good breeders, if i got either of these breeds it's an absolute requirement that the breeder health tests, because i'm not looking for a walking vet bill.

    Do you think one may be better for protection work over the other?
    What are the biggest differences between the breeds?

  2. #2 with Jennifer is a great source. I would go to her for protection sport presas.

    You couldn't pay me to get knee deep in the corso breed, too many health and temper issues for my stress levels.

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    I can tell you two things, the real breed of each type is a lot of dog. You have to weed through all the crappy BYB breeders and show breeders to get the real deal dogs. To be honest, most of the real breeders won't even let you get one of their puppies unless you can prove that you have the resources, correct life style and experience to deal with their dogs.

    A friend of mine just had a liter of Corsi and they are the real deal, fully health tested parents, weight pull and personal protection trained. I also know of a few programs that have the most amazing Presas which are also health tested and titled before they are bred. Most the Presas I like are produced in Europe however.

    Both breeds can protect, but both breeds can be a lot of dog for someone that never dealt with that temperament. If you are truly interested PM me and I will give you some leads :)

  4. I can't really help you with the comparison of the two, but I've had a fair amount of exposure to cane corsos.
    Adrianne mentioned their temper issues and she's certainly right. However, I've met a few extremely stable corsos and all of them came from an awesome breeder here in Colorado named Castle Guard. They have something really good going out there and I've considered buying from them.

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    I personally like Corsos over Presa's but thats because I kinda have one.
    Although I do agree with what others have said there are way too many $#@! breeders for them now since they sky rocketed in popularity.
    Both breeds are A LOT to handle so just please research the $#@! out of them first.

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