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    Large red bump in between toes on front paw.

    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to jump on here and ask if anyone has seen this before. Roxy is 3 1/2 years old and one big goof ball, so at first, I figured it was a scratch, but now it's concerning me.
    She has a pretty big red bump right in between two of her toes. It started small, but had grown a lot within a week. It has now stayed the same size for the past few days, but because it isn't getting better, I am starting to get worried. She doesn't seem to notice it at all, no pain and I can't see any open spots so no puss or bleeding.

    We did move into a new house that has a back porch with stairs, so I am wondering if it is a splinter. She did not get it until we moved.
    I've read online were it could be a bite, splinter, cyst, tumor..the list goes on, but I just wanted to know if anyone has had this happen before.

    Thanks in advance everyone! Please let me know if you need anymore information

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  2. Looks extremely similar to what I found on my dog and same location, between the toes. We had it biopsied at the vet and was told it was just Papilloma Virus, which is basically a dog wart that should go away on its own, and once the dog's body recognizes it as a virus and starts to fight it, it should never come back. I would suggest a biopsy just to be sure though.
    We were told it's more common to see the bumps in other locations, not necessarily the feet (I remember the mouth was one common spot), but Stella also had them between the toes of one front paw.
    The bump(s) that we did not have surgically removed eventually did break open a bit, they became a little crusty on top, and then just healed and completely disappeared. With all the immuno-deficiencies in pit bulls (especially Blues) they're just prone to these kinds of things I guess.

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    I'm not sure what that is but I can tell you that if it was on ANY of my dogs, we'd be at the vet ASAP. I suggest a vet visit is in order because as you've read, it could be anything.

  4. interdigital cyst???

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    I haven't found any pictures of a interdigital cyst that looks anything like whats going on with Roxy, but I saw its very common.
    I am going to take her to the vet on Tuesday if they can fit me in because it still isn't any better, but good news is it still isn't bothering her at all, no pain, shes not licking it or anything so that does make me feel better. I am going to start her on some antibiotics that we have here just to be on the safe side!

    If anyone else has any other ideas, please let me know! Thanks everyone for your help so far!

  6. I would take her to the vet just to be sure.

  7. freida had a interdigital cyst that would come back off and on. Our vet said that we could get it removed, but since it didnt seem to bother her it wasnt urgent. She hasnt had it come back in probably 2 years.
    But you probably should get it looked at in case it is something else!

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    Kylie gets those when she gets into dead leaves. She's allergic so if I don't go straight in and wash her she breaks out. She will get those between her toes and get them on her chest and arm pits. They will eventually pop like a pimple and go away. I just clean them with alcohol and give her Diphenhydramine and she's fine in a week.
    That's what the vet said Kylie's are. Not sure about yours though.

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